Why Is Your Washing Machine Ruining Your Clothes?


It’s so frustrating when you pull your clothes out of the washing machine and find that they’re covered in holes or they have stains on them. The washing machine is supposed to clean your clothes and get them looking nice, not ruin them, so what’s going on? 

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There are a few reasons why the washing machine could be ruining your clothes and sometimes it’s down to the machine, but other times, it’s down to you. These are some of the potential reasons why your washing machine is ruining your clothes. 

It’s Broken 

Sometimes, the washing machine damages clothes because there is something wrong with it. If there are chips in the washing machine drum, for example, it can get rusty and leave marks on your clothes. A damaged drum could also have sharp edges, which catch your clothes and leave small rips. So, if you notice that your clothes keep getting ruined in the machine, check to see if there is any damage and consider calling out a repair service to take a look at it. 

It’s Dirty

This is a very common one because people don’t realise that they need to clean their washing machine. But over time, grime builds up and sits in the machine. When you wash your clothes, all of that grime comes out and can leave stains on your clothes. But if you learn how to clean a washing machine and you do it every month or so, you can get around this problem easily. Even if your clothes aren’t getting ruined, you should still clean the machine regularly because your clothes get covered in bacteria every time you wash them and they’re not really clean.  

You Put Too Much In

Washing machines have guidelines about how much you should put in each load, and you shouldn’t ignore them. When you try to cram too many clothes in there at once, they don’t have enough space to move around. This means that they won’t be cleaned as effectively and also that they can get tangled up easily and rip. So, even if it means doing two loads instead of one, always follow the guidelines about the washing machine capacity. 

You Left Something In The Machine 

If your clothes keep coming out of the machine with holes in them, it could be because the drum is damaged. However, it could be because you accidentally left something in the machine. If you leave coins or anything sharp in the washing machine, it will tear up your clothes as they go round. Sometimes, the zips and metal buttons on your clothes can cause damage as well, so think carefully about what you put in. Always check the pockets before you start the machine and if you are washing things with zips, consider using a gentler cycle so they don’t cause damage to your other clothes. 


Usually, there is a direct reason why your washing machine is damaging your clothes, sometimes wrong choice of laundry products causing the problem so it's better to use safe laundry detergent sheet from Amazon or simply mild detergent powder