What You Should Know Before Traveling to Australia

Australia is a huge continent that people have nicknamed Down under. There are lots of sand, sun, crocodile wrestlers, and laid-back surfers, too. Also, Australia is the home of cute koalas, coffee culture, and strict quarantine rules. Many people are advised because of the quarantine laws, you should be mindful when packing up your bags to ensure that you do not have anything that could cause you to be under quarantine. Also, it is best to rent a car to help you move around with ease. Below are other things that you should know before traveling to Australia for a seamless trip. 


Plan your trip


Australia is a big place and for you to enjoy it well you need to plan your trip. Most travelers tend to underestimate how huge the island continent of Australia is, and yet it is the sixth-largest country in the world. Therefore, as you plan for various trips, you need to be ready for long distances between places. Hence, as you plan the trip, give yourself plenty of time to explore the country well. That’s if you want to see the whole of Australia you need more than 3 weeks. Planning the trip will help you avoid any disappointments, and you can have a smooth holiday. If you do not have a lot of time and you do not want to feel rushed enjoying what you can of the beautiful country. Get a searipple accommodation and spend more time in fewer places enjoying fully.  


Quarantine laws are strict 

Before you fly to Australia, you need to know that the quarantine laws are strict. The Australian government takes quarantine laws seriously. Therefore, as you arrive in Australia, you will have to declare all animal products and plant material, and all food you have to ensure nothing that you have coming into the country is illegal there. This includes leathers, fruits, seeds, skins, and anything that is made of wood. If your items are declared low risk you will have them back. However, if the officers at the airport think they are a sort of threat, they will be confiscated and you will have to pay a fee. Therefore, ensure that before you travel, you familiarize yourself with the quarantine laws of Australia of the various states and territories. You do not want to pay on-spot-fines for carrying prohibited things across borders that you did not know of. 


Know the transport options 

When you get there you need to get familiar with the transport options. When you step out of the plane, an airport transfer is the most convenient and easiest way to go to your destination. Depending on the state that you are going to, they all have their public transport system. In Sydney, you can use ferries, trains, and buses to get around. In Melbourne trains, buses and tramps can be used when you purchase a Myki card. Know which card is used in which state for you cannot use them alternatively in different states. Do your research depending on where you will spend most of your time to prepare well.


Be prepared for the weather 

Melbourne is known for four seasons in a day. It can be hot, windy, rain, and then sun again in less than 48 hours. The Australian summers are hot and sometimes they can be very harsh. It snows in some parts of Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. Depending on where you hope to visit in Australia, do a bit of research on the type of weather to expect to prepare yourself. If you do not prepare adequately for the weather, heat stroke, sunburn, and dehydration can all occur. Wear sunscreen and where possible reapply as UV rays are strong in Australia. Plus, ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day.  


To sum up, it is wise that you understand a few words of the Aussie language. There are a few words and phrases that will be useful for you when you arrive in Australia. For instance, G’day is hello, while Arvo is afternoon. Most importantly, as you visit the beach swim between flags and get directions only from surf lifesavers.