Trending Education Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

The educational industry is evolving at an astounding pace. With the rise of the cloud, fast internet connections, and remote learning, education has become immersive, engaging, and learner-centric. 

If you are passionate about education and have a knack for entrepreneurship, here are a few business ideas you will love. 

Tutor-Finding Apps

With the rising number of online tutors, it may be challenging for high-school and university students to find trustworthy tutors in their cities. They usually rely on personal recommendations from friends and families. 

To facilitate their search, you can create an online platform or a mobile app that helps them find the best tutors in their vicinity. Connect with local tutors and encourage them to add their education, professional backgrounds, and rates. 

When a tutor gets business through your app or platform, you keep the percentage as commission. 

To boost the transparency of the platform, allow students to rate and review the tutors they have booked. That is how you encourage them to spread positive word of mouth.

Starting Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Only in 2018-2019, the number of students who received special education services was 7.1. That is 14% of all public-school students. According to statistics, 33% of these students have specific learning disabilities, 19% have a speech impairment, while 11% have autism.

Learners with special needs require specific teaching methodologies. For example, Lexington Life Academy, an autism school in East Mesa, offers programs and curricula specifically designed to serve learners with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and behavior disorders. 

Special needs teachers experience new challenges with every student. They have different needs, different behavioral patterns, challenges, and talents. To help students with learning disorders get the most out of their lessons, you can create learning apps and platforms for them.

One such example is Learning With Rufus. It offers a series of tablet apps for young learners and special needs students. For example, “Feelings and Emotions” games are highly beneficial for ASD students who have difficulties identifying emotions and facial expressions. 

Educational Toys

That is one of the growing and most popular business ideas. Parents are looking for innovative and creative educational toys that will keep their kids engaged and interested. That way, kids keep learning while they are playing. 

No matter if it is games, electronic gadgets, or books, educational toys help kids develop motor, sensory, and speech skills. They help kids of all ages explore the world around them. 

Always create prototypes of your toys to see how they resonate with your target audiences. Keep them relevant and always focus on delivering highly personalized user experiences.

Online Teacher Resources

The education industry needs to keep up with the changing student requirements. Based on them, teachers need to revamp their methodologies and adopt new approaches and technologies.

Teachers who are in the industry for decades may find it hard to adapt to new resources and technologies. They cannot effectively prepare online lesson plans or implement new teaching aids and technologies. 

That is why creating a teacher’s resources platform can be the right business idea for you. The goal is to provide a centralized place where teachers can find tips and tricks on how to improve their teaching practices. The platform can also offer a library of ready-made teaching resources and plans.

One of the greatest benefits of online platforms for teachers is building an engaged community. That way, teachers can communicate and share teaching materials and resources more efficiently. That way, you support fundamental traits every teacher should have, including passion, organization, and classroom management.

An Online Library

In today’s fast-paced world, people hardly have the time to relax and read a paperback book. They consume online content via their laptops or smartphones. Most importantly, they expect their desired books and content to be online.

That makes an online library a lucrative business opportunity for young entrepreneurs. The platform can offer books from various genres. It gives readers choice and adapts to their specific needs. Most importantly, it makes literature accessible. With the help of the internet, people from all around the globe can register, pay a reasonable monthly fee, and have unlimited access to books.

Over to You

Starting an education business can be exciting. With the rise of new technologies and cloud-based learning platforms, you can develop online libraries, tutor finders, and educational tools. Creatives can start designing and selling exciting educational toys, too.

While that is not a definitive list of all education business ideas, it may serve as your starting point. 


Any thoughts on starting a business in education?

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