Traveler Tips: 5 relaxation activities near Niagara Falls

Niagara falls is a  hotspot tourist destination that pulls crowds from all across the world. People make advanced bookings to see this majestic wonder of nature. When visiting the falls there are tons of various activities that one can indulge in. Many of these activities are thrill-infused and a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Although, many other activities are also available which are more suitable for the people who want to relax and take it easy. Here is a list of the 5 best activities for people who want a calm and serene experience.


Take a walk to the Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara falls state park is one of the oldest parks in the United State. The park’s main motive is to protect the natural area around the falls. In doing so the state park has offered some incredibly serene and relaxing activities to do around the famous natural wonder. One can spend hours in this park simply walking around and exploring new hiking trails


Spend an evening at the Vineyard

People mostly love to visit the vineyards after an adventure-filled day to the falls. The vineyards near the falls are lush with grapes at the right time of the season and people can spend a blissful evening here with a group of friends or alone. The vineyards sometimes host wine tasting events which


Stop at the local weed shop

Ever since the legalization of weed in the USA and Canada, most of the states are filled with weed shops and dispensaries for the public. The weed shops in Niagara County offer some of the best strains of the country for the people to have a relaxing trip. An employee at the wonder buds cannabis shop explained how tourists mostly like to smoke marijuana before hopping on the boats that take them to the base of the falls. People also like to smoke after taking the thrilling boat rides to relax and take in the memories of the day.


Take a trip to the old Fort

The Old Niagara Fort is a 300-year-old legacy that is being run and maintained by the government with support from the public. The old fort is a historic landmark and a person can have a well-guided tour of the place. The overall experience of going to such a fort is rather calming and not so tiring.


Hiking at the Devil’s Hole State Park

Hikes are a nature lover’s go-to activity. Hiking is seen as a rather physically draining activity but for nature lovers is quite relaxing. The hikes and trails in this park go on for miles and you would need a substantial amount of time to actually be able to cover all of them. You can sit in the sun or have a small picnic too if the idea is to lay back and relax.


Visiting Niagara falls can be a tiring experience and one should be able to choose from other activities in case the goal is to indulge in a relaxing experience. Once you visit the falls you can select from the aforementioned activities to be able to sit back and have a relaxing time for yourself.