Top Five Ways to Get the Best Mail Forwarding Services

Top Five Ways to Get the Best Mail Forwarding Services


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Mail forwarding is a fairly recent innovation to the postal world. However, ever since its initial appearance, more and more young business entrepreneurs developed their business ideas and created mail forwarding companies.

Today, there’s a high number of mail forwarding companies providing their services to people worldwide. Some operate on a country level, some on a specific continent, and some even worldwide. If you’re considering getting a mail forwarding service, there are several things you should consider before making the final decision to ensure you’re choosing the right company.

Why You Should Get Mail Forwarding Services

However, before jumping straight into it, some readers are surely wondering why anyone would get a mail forwarding service at all at this highly advanced technological age? The truth is, there are still numerous parcels and letters arriving by mail. Taxes, bills, notices, cards, and all online purchases need mail to arrive at their destination.

Nevertheless, for some people, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Namely, if you:

  • recently moved to a new place
  • often go on business trips and miss mail and parcel delivery
  • want to order something online, but the website doesn’t ship to your location
  • need to pay high shipping rates for parcel delivery

Then you should definitely consider getting a mail forwarding service. They provide you with an actual street address, accept and store the delivered parcels for you. Then, next time you’re in town, you can pick all the delivered parcels at once at a much lower price. Additionally, if you’re in another town or country, the service can also mail you everything you got.

That’s how business mail forwarding in the UK works, and now it’s time to discuss the five most important features your future mail forwarding service has to own.

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Top Five Ways to Get the Best Mail Forwarding Services

Street Address

First things first, don’t settle for anything less than an actual street address! Some mail forwarding companies use PO Box addresses, and numerous parcels don’t get delivered because couriers need a signature before handing down a parcel. When that happens, you won’t get much use out of a PO Box address.

Research the address of your potential mail forwarding service and ensure they use a proper street address. In that way, all your parcels will arrive at the address, someone will sign and accept the letter or parcel, and it will be ready for pick-up.


If you’re someone who plans on using this service for a longer period, look for mail forwarding services that offer membership perks. Although you’ll save sufficient amounts of money immediately when using these services, additional perks will enable you to further save up on affordable shipping.

Membership perks include various discounts on their services, so if you’re planning to use this company’s services for some time, make sure to become their loyal member.

However, if you’re using these services very rarely or one time only, then you don’t need to worry about getting a membership.

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Free storage

Some mail forwarding companies will try and trick you with storage fees, which shouldn’t happen. They will charge you for each day your shipment stays at their warehouse. With this, the companies are trying to motivate people to pick up their parcels as soon as possible so they can store more items.

However, all mail forwarding companies should offer free storage since you’re already paying for their services. Additionally, you’ll probably pick up multiple parcels once they all arrive, so you should avoid these kinds of mail forwarding companies at all costs.


Some mail forwarding companies closely pay attention to the current and upcoming deliveries to efficiently do their job and avoid unnecessary costs. For example, some companies will send you every shipment immediately upon arrival, so you’ll probably get numerous smaller parcels over several days.

On the other hand, some companies will provide your parcels free storage until all the shipments arrive. Then, they’ll repack all small parcels into one large box and ship them to you. It will cost you less, and you’ll get all your shipments at once.

Furthermore, some mail forwarding companies have several delivery options at different price points. With this, you can choose to pay more if the delivery is urgent, or less if you don’t need it that soon.

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Some mail forwarding companies take even greater care of their customers. Namely, if a website doesn’t deliver to your country or has extremely high shipping rates, you can ask these companies to order specific items for you and send them once they arrive.

Many companies offer these services, which is great if you tend to do your shopping online.


To sum everything up, getting a mail forwarding service can be beneficial for numerous people. Even if you don’t travel often, you can save up money by using mail forwarding companies since their rates are much lower than those on websites.

Apply these five tips when deciding on your future mail forwarding company to get the best results for the price you pay.