Things To Consider When Travelling

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Travelling is one of people's favorite things to do and for good reason. Exploring the world gives you so many different opportunities, you can explore other people's cultures and see how they live, you will learn new things and find new favorite foods all while having the time of your life. The world is so vast and there is so much to see, you don’t want to end up being in the same place for the rest of your life. 


Exploring doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but the more you have saved up the more you will be able to do and more places you can see. If you also have other commitments like family and work it doesn’t mean your traveling days are overall it means is that you have to adapt it slightly. You won’t be able to go away for a whole year and travel the world but you will be able to have smaller and shorter holidays throughout the year and weekends away to explore more locally. So you can still get that wanderlust craving satisfied no matter what life you lead. 


If you do go on a longer trip one of the things you will need to consider and think about is your finances, have you got enough saved up to cover everything or will you need to look for a job to help pay the way while staying in a place for a while. There will be jobs you can do like waitressing and seasonal work to get by but you can also earn money in other ways which you can do on the road.


A lot of travelers will choose to have a blog or video blog to document their experiences. Through this they can share their top tips on places they have visited, what there is to do and also give you tips and experiences they have learned from their travels as well as any mistakes they have made so that you don’t need to make them as well. If you can get enough traffic to your site and create an online buzz which results in a lot of people viewing what content you are putting out. 


Once you have an audience you are able to monetize it with all different things. By adding advertisements on your blog through google ads or sponsored slots you can earn money from that. If you are on YouTube once you meet some criteria you are able to earn money from advertisements placed within your videos. Another thing you are able to do to earn money is featured sponsored posts on your blogs and channels. When influencers and bloggers have a good and engaged audience brand will approach them to feature their products and services to promote to their audience it is a new and very popular form of marketing that is really effective on campaigns. They can also approach brands themselves and offer up ideas for working together with their fees.


If you find somewhere you really enjoy visiting like city gate and would like to be able to go there as much as you want long term you can look at buying a holiday home. So you will be able to visit as much as you want to then let it out or use Airbnb to let other people stay in it when you aren’t using it so you can earn some money through it as well. It is an easy getaway, so if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed or had a bad week and need to get away as long as no one is staying there then you are able to just pack up and go without worrying about booking somewhere or that places are fully booked as it is your place. 


If a set place isn’t for you then something you can consider is caravan traveling, this opens up so many more opportunities for you as you will sleep and stay in what you are driving. This makes the world your oyster and opens up so many more possibilities. It also takes away some worries and some things you would need to think about like accommodation and travel as they are both the same. It allows you to travel but also gives you some home comforts you wouldn’t get if you only had a backpack. It is also a great thing to do if you want to travel with the family and take the kids out of school to home school them while on the road just like the start of Mean Girls. 


Another very important thing you will need to consider and make sure you have in place is travel insurance, if you hurt yourself in another country and don’t have insurance it can cost you so much money that you hadn’t put it into your budget. If you know where you are going to be visiting and have an itinerary then something you can do is teach yourself some of the basic phrases and words in the language spoken in those areas. It may make things easier for you and will show you are being respectful. To make sure you are respectful as well lookup certain cultural expectations in certain areas as in some places it may be offensive to wear certain types of clothes or behave in certain ways in public that we just don’t think about, you don’t want to come across as ignorant. 


Make sure you have someone you trust with all the information, if you are traveling alone or with just a friend or two it is important to make sure a family member who isn’t going to be with you has all the addresses and information of where you are staying and how long for. It is also important to keep in regular contact with them and let them have a stash of emergency cash they can transfer to you at any point if you find you really need it.