The Ultimate Night Routine Checklist

Are you struggling to unwind before bed? Trying a change in your nighttime routine can help lead to a much better night's sleep. If you can learn how to master the perfect routine, you can sleep safe and sound, leading to better mental and physical health.

Luckily, creating a successful nighttime routine can be easy and fun. Read on as we discuss how to create an excellent night routine checklist.

Organize Your Morning

Taking time to organize the next morning in advance can result in a much better night's sleep. Knowing you do not have to rush around, even if you hit the snooze button, can be a huge weight off your mind.

Start by choosing your outfit for the next morning in advance. Place your keys and belongings in one place, so you can simply grab them and go the next morning. Then take care of any kitchen chores, such as preparing breakfast or lunch for the next day.

After this, do a quick clean, loading dishes into the washer and putting dirty clothes into baskets. Think about anything extra you may have to do in the morning and adjust your schedule as appropriate. For example, you may need to fill up on gas, so make sure you get up five minutes earlier so you make it to work on time.

Spend Time Relaxing

To get in the mindset for bed, you should add a short, relaxing activity to your bedtime routine. Do not confuse this with a leisure activity, such as watching a TV show or playing a videogame. A relaxing activity should be something that lets your mind wind down, instead of stimulating it.

This could be listening to a calming playlist that you have prepared. In fact, the right kind of music can even help send you off to sleep early. You may even try some mediation or yoga.

Other than that, it may be a craft activity. Perhaps you may draw or color in. Some people may even choose to write a journal or read a book.

If you are hungry, prepare a light snack or drink. If you take any evening vitamins such as tasty sleep gummies or take medication, take it now.


A nighttime routine for cleansing can be as light or as intense as you wish. While most people will have their own nighttime routine, doing it with more thoughtfulness and mindfulness is a great way to relax before sleep.

Concentrate less on getting the job done, and more on pampering and relaxing. Instead of a quick wash and scrub, consider taking a hot bath. It may take up more time, but a bath with bubbles or salts can really help you unwind, relieving aches and strains in muscles and joints.

If not, then have a deep shower. Wash with some of your favorite products and make sure you cleanse your skin.

After this, take time to care for your teeth. Floss, brush and apply mouth wash. You can finish with any other treatments you may use, such as the application of moisturizers and creams.

Create an Atmosphere

The next step for sleeping better at night is to create an atmosphere. This will set your mind in the right frame, by giving it the signals that it is time to relax and unwind.

Start by doing a check of your bedding. Make sure your pillows are plumped up, and all your bedding is fresh and clean. Get into your favorite sleeping clothes, and put on any dressing gowns and slippers.

Next, try to make the room smell nice with aromatherapy. This can be done using diffusers and essential oils. Choose some scents that facilitate sleep, such as lavender.

After this, you can begin to turn down the lighting. Bright, stark overhead lights should be turned off in place of bedside lamps and nightlights. If you have any overpowering bulbs or light sources, you may consider changing them for ones of a different color or lower power to bring the light down a touch.

Help Sleep Arrive

You should now be ready to sleep soundly. However, even with all these steps taken, some people still have trouble sleeping. You may be one of them, and you may need some steps to help you on your way.

Firstly, make sure all electronic devices are well out of the way and turned off. Using phones and laptops in bed makes your mind associate the place with stimulation and action. This is something you want to avoid.

Lay back and think peaceful, relaxing thoughts. You may wish to try some mindfulness, thinking of things you are happy about or grateful for.

You may wish to try and visualize a scene in your mind to help you relax. Think about being on a calm beach or in a lush, green forest.

If you find that you are still awake after around 30 minutes with no sign of going back to sleep, get up. Keep the lights low, and do your chosen relaxing exercise again for 15 minutes. When you return to bed, you may feel much more relaxed and drift off quicker.

Stick to Your Night Routine Checklist

Once you have your night routine checklist in place, stick with it. Your mind needs time to internalize the processes and routines. Try it for three months and if you do not notice a change, then adjust it as you see fit.

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