The Future Of Work: Four In-Demand Tech Tools You Need In Your Toolkit

The tech industry has transformed the future of work. Nowadays, new technologies are in the workplace and have changed not only how we work but how we live. During the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for tech professionals increased. These days, digital tools are mandatory to meet customers’ needs and improve companies’ processes. In that case, most companies have invested in new technologies to stay in the game. 

The digital transition has caused a massive job disruption. Consequently, many people have been looking to update their skillset. There’s a wide range of in-demand programming tools available. For that reason, this article will provide you with four in-demand tech tools you should consider to stay relevant. They will help you to attract employers’ attention and prepare for future challenges. 


Python is one of the most versatile programming languages these days. In 2021, Python has enabled web developers and data scientists to reshape the market. In data science, Python is used to create machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret information in less time. Also, it’s great to develop cross-platform solutions. Hence, software engineers use it to develop mobile apps and web apps. 

Python is an excellent option for those who aren’t familiar with programming. It’s very easy to learn and use. Python’s syntax is very simple and makes the learning process more comfortable. There’s a huge community of Python developers who will always give you a hand if you need it. To learn Python programming skills, you can enroll in an online coding bootcamp. In 2021, they are trendy and enable students to learn from home. 


In the digital era, websites play an essential role in helping companies offer their products and services. Also, they are indispensable in customer service because they increase customers’ satisfaction significantly. Today, web developers’ demand is skyrocketing. According to Computer Science Hero, there are over 181,000 open job listings. In other words, if you’re unemployed, there’s no better option than becoming a web developer.

JavaScript is a must-have tool for web developers because it’s excellent for back end and front end development. Also, JS frameworks make the coding process way easier. As a result, JS developers can focus on the design instead of coding. Many top-notch companies are already using JavaSript to power their websites. Paypal, for example, uses NodeJS to run all client-facing applications. Almost all of what you see on your profile and account was built using JavaScript. 


Java is a must-have tech tool in the digital era. It’s an object-oriented programming tool that’s fantastic for building IoT solutions. Hence, most companies are looking for skilled professionals to reinvent their products’ software. During the coronavirus lockdown, many people decided to learn Java skills, and today, they have landed a top-notch job earning over $100,000 per year.

Java is also an excellent tool for building Android mobile apps. Becoming an Android developer requires dedication and tenacity. But, General Assembly makes your journey more comfortable. At General Assembly, students learn from experience and professionals in the field. Therefore, standing out will not be a challenge.


WordPress is an excellent alternative for beginners since it does not require learning how to code to build websites. However, learning CSS and HTML will help your chances of getting a better job. WordPress powers more than 30% of the Internet in 2021. Hence, the demand for WordPress professionals has increased day after day.

WordPress enables developers to add exceptional features and plugins with ease. As a result, building visually appealing sites is less challenging. It also allows developers to decide between building a site from scratch or not. In that case, it’s a good alternative when meeting a deadline seems impossible. In the US, a WordPress developer can earn, on average, $61,000 per year. Nonetheless, what makes becoming a WordPress developer more attractive is that you can work from any place. Given that, you could become a digital nomad if you like to travel. 


Generally speaking, more companies will invest in new technologies to remain competitive. Given that, the need for tech skills will increase day after day. If you don’t want to stay jobless, you must start your learning process as soon as possible. After all, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the pace of the digital transition, and there’s no way back. Upgrading your toolkit can be challenging, but don’t hesitate to take the leap. I can assure you that you’ll have no regrets.