Summer Styles for Men: The Latest Fashion Trends in 2021

Are you spring cleaning and realizing you don't have summer outfits? We get it.

You've come to the right place--we've put together a men's fashion guide for Summer 2021. You'll find everything you need and more to inspire your best outfits yet.

Continue reading to find the best summer styles for you.

Several Shirt Styles and Fabrics To Keep in Your Closet

Something to keep in mind while you shop for new shirts for this summer: avoid synthetic materials. Synthetics trap moisture, keeping your body from staying cool throughout the summer.

Opt for natural fibers, as these breathe freely and allow you to feel relaxed and cooled down.

There are several different summer shirt styles to look for and keep in your closet:

T-Shirts: Avoid Loud Graphic Tees and Keep It Simple

When it comes to picking t-shirts out, avoid loud or obnoxious graphics. When it comes to style, less is more. Keep it subtle and classic.

Keep a mix of 5 to 10 t-shirts in your closet, ranging from subtle graphics and designs to solid colors. A good summer color palette to follow are light, muted colors such as olive green, baby blue, and grey.

Remember to avoid synthetic materials. Choose soft Pima or Supima fabrics for your t-shirts, as this will help maximize comfort and cooling mechanisms.

Polos Are Underrated

Polos are not just for work--they can be a great men's fashion summer staple too.

A mix between a button-down and a t-shirt, polos are great for business casual outfits for those days that you want to dress up a bit but still feel comfortable.

Aim for Supima cotton or linen blends for your polos.

Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirts: Roll Your Sleeves Up

A great way to keep your style up during the summer is to wear your button-downs. Even when it's hot, you can roll the sleeves up and create a casual, fashion-forward look.

Pick out lightweight fabrics, like cotton or chambray. This will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

Essential Shorts to Keep You Looking and Feeling Sharp

Shorts are a summer essential: but using them as a fashion staple means choosing some styles over others. The best shorts mix comfortable fabrics with comfortable fits, such as lightweight cotton and chinos.

Keep your shorts 1" to 3" above your knees--this will give you a trendy, attractive look. Avoid anything too long.

Preppy Chino Shorts for Business Casual Outfits

Chinos are a great style for dressing up while staying comfortable. These men's preppy shorts go with everything and they're a strong summer fashion staple.

Look for chinos in lightweight cotton to make sure they're comfortable and cool enough during the summer. Stick to neutral colors, like grey and khaki. Navy is also a great contender for more professional looks.

Drawstring or Athletic Shorts Keep You Casual and Cool

Another must-have for summer are drawstring or athletic shorts.

Aim for lightweight fabrics, like cotton and linen. Pairing these comfortable shorts with t-shirts is common, but you can branch out and pair them with more formal tops, such as button-downs or polos.

You can make drawstring or athletic shorts look like part of an outfit by choosing darker colors, like black, grey, and navy. This will allow you to find more tops and shoes to match while looking classic.

Pant Staples To Keep for Late Nights Out

As with some materials we've covered before, keeping your pants light and cool will help with the summer heat.

Try mixing chinos and jeans to have a base of 4 to 5 pairs of pants to choose from, focusing on light cotton blends to keep yourself cool.

Chino Pants for Variety and Color

Sticking to light neutrals like khaki and olive colors will give you variety and choices for outfits throughout the summer.

Pairing these with t-shirts or button-downs will give you either business casual or casual outfits for every summer occasion.

Denim Jeans Are Always in Style

Jeans are always in style, but there are several variations for summer jeans. Go for lightweight, soft-wash jeans that will make you feel comfortable.

For summer colors, avoid black or dark blue jeans and aim for lighter blue washes first. If you're feeling bold and in the summer mood, you can even rock a pair of white jeans.

A Variation of Shoes To Keep You on Your Toes

It's best to keep a range of summer shoes in your closet so that you have a pair for every occasion.

Whether your favorites are sneakers, boat shoes, or sandals, picking shoes that suit men's fashion will keep your closet up-to-date.

Low-Top White Sneakers To Brighten Your Summer

White sneakers are a great minimalist, classic addition to your summer outfits.

You can find them in lightweight knits or even leather--whatever suits your style best. White is dangerous color, but since it's a summer must-have, you can always keep them clean.

Boat Shoes To Complete the Look

Boat shoes are a new staple to the American prep style, and men continue to rock these today.

For summer, these shoes stay cool and comfortable, especially if you find a pair without lining. This will keep your feet from sweating and allow for some breathing room.

Sandals To Stay Comfortable and Chic

In place of flip-flops, sandals are your go-to.

While these can be casual, aim for leather sandals in your favorite style to stay on top of your style and versatility. You can wear leather sandals anywhere, with anything. These will keep your feet open and cool while you enjoy your summer.

Important Accessories To Pair With Your Favorite Outfits

There are several accessories you'll need to liven your outfits up. Feeling a little drab? Add some style with these favorite summer staples.

Stylish Sunglasses To Keep the Sun at Bay

Sunglasses are a must-need for everyone during the summer.

Look for colors that liven your face up: such as tortoiseshell or light brown. Picking a frame that is universally flattering, such as an oval shape, will suit your face and your style.

Classy Watches Make Every Occasion

A watch that boasts subtle color and style will fit all of your summer outfits.

Look for a watch with leather or nylon straps, as these are summery and versatile. You'll find yourself reaching for your favorite watch every day.

Freshen up Your Look With These Summer Styles

When it comes to men's fashion trends, keeping it simple and classic is your key.

Mix and match your closet to find the best summer styles--you're guaranteed to find what works for your style with this guide.

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