Showcasing Your Family Photos


While you may take a number of photos with your partner and children over the years, more often than not many of these end up stuck in a cupboard or left on a storage device, never to be viewed again. Rather than wasting those images, and forgetting some of the memories of when they were taken, you may want to consider showcasing some of your favorite family photographs around your home. Not only does this give you some great art to decorate each room, but it can also be useful to help you look back fondly on the years gone by.

Wooden Planks

Printing photographs no longer needs to involve standard photo paper. Now, it is even possible to get your pictures printed on wood from Hello Canvas. Using vertical or horizontal planks of wood, the photo will be printed at a high resolution, allowing the image to remain crisp and clear, while still giving you the means of hanging the picture in your room of choice. Due to wood being used, this can make a great statement piece in a living room, or other high traffic areas within your home. Lightweight wood is often used, meaning you also will not need to worry about damage to your walls or fixtures from hanging heavy materials.


The canvas is another trend of image printing that has increased in popularity in recent years. While you can buy custom canvas paintings featuring popular landmarks or inspirational quotes, you may also opt to have your family photos made into a canvas print. To accomplish this, the photo is printed onto a piece of canvas, then stretched and mounted on wood to give it a more solid finish. Again, these are incredibly lightweight and extremely easy to hang. 

When it comes to ordering canvas prints, you may opt for one, large canvas, or instead may be able to have a number of different images printed onto several smaller canvases. This can be a great way to create a collage effect on the walls of your home. 

Digital Photo Frames

If you don’t want to put anything up on the walls, aren’t allowed to due to where you live, or simply want to showcase multiple photos where it would not be feasible to have each one printed, you may also want to consider using a digital photo frame. This will allow you to copy all of your chosen image files onto an SD card, where they will then be displayed on the frame. Certain models may allow you to choose how images appear, as well as how quickly they rotate. One of the main benefits here is that you can use as many images as you like, so long as they are of the correct file type and fit onto the card.

Having photos up around your home can be a wonderful way of remembering some of the great times you have had as a family. As the years go by, you can add to this, to create a timeline of life events.