How to monetise your blog

Whether you are a blogger and are looking for some ways to start making some money from blogging or are a reader and are wondering how bloggers make money – this is the post for you. I’ve put together some active and passive ways you can earn money from blogging. If you haven’t started your blog already, just do it! Go for it! 


When I first started blogging, I never thought I would be making money from it. I wanted to share my thoughts and my passions with others, I wanted to have my own little corner of the internet and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that it has given me. From meeting all the wonderful people I’ve met to having the opportunity to talk about the things I love and make some extra cash from it, it’s just incredible. So, if you are thinking about how you can do the same – let me get down to it.


Create an online store. 


London Magento agency Advertising Lab recommend creating an online store to sell merch and any other products related to your niche. Perhaps you are a fitness blogger, why not start selling your own workout programmes or fitness gear? Maybe you make handmade soaps and blog about your soap making journey, why not sell the stunning soaps you make or sell soap making kits to others? By adding an online store to your blog, you will not only be creating another way of making money but you will also increase traffic to your website! 


As Google certified partners, the team at Ad Lab recommend making the most out of Google Ads. People are searching for products like yours, so get your products out there! By advertising your product in Google Ads, you will increase your brand’s awareness plus, generate more sales. If you are not super knowledgeable on how advertising in Google Ads works, learn everything you need to know in Google Skillshop, Google’s free e-learning courses.


Run relevant ads.


Display ads are an easy way to earn some passive income from your blog, says Of Beauty and Nothingness. And it’s true! Display ads are easy to add to your blog and will give you a little bit of extra cash when people interact with those ads. Plus, the ads will most likely be relevant to your audience, so it’s a win-win! 


Sell your blogging skills.


Are you great at engaging with your audience? Do you have a keen eye for design? Perhaps you are great at writing copy? These are all skills that companies need help with, so see what skills you can offer and start promoting them on your blog. Fizzy Peaches recommends adding a “working with me” category on your blog’s menu and list everything you have to offer!


Partner up with brands.


Work together with brands to promote certain products or events. As this blog post on Pretty Big Butterfly mentions, “if you have a large following, companies may reach out to you but if you have a smaller following you’ll have to do some more leg work.” Get in touch with brands you love that offer products that you couldn’t live without and pitch them sponsored post ideas!