How to Inject Colour into Your Interior Design

The trends over the past few years have been for more neutral spaces, but we are beginning to see s trend towards much more colourful interior design. If you are ready to add some colour back into your home life, here are some of the best ways to do so.


Keep the Base Neutral


You might think that putting colour back into a room means that you are just free to fling it everywhere. However, you can easily overwhelm your space, and confuse the aesthetic. For this reason, it can often be better to have a neutral base to the room – such as using laminate grey flooring and white or off-white walls – with bold a feature wall and bold furniture choices to make a statement with colour in key areas.


A prime example here might be in your living room. You could have white walls and grey flooring but then lots of colour through soft furnishings, prints, and books. This can be a neat and clean way to create a colourful space without going overboard.


Limit Your Colour Usage


When selecting colours for a room, you should try to stick to three as often as you can. This is a very good rule to remember if you are making over an entire room and not just adding splashes of colour here and there. Too many colours can overwhelm the senses very easily and could cause a bit of a headache.


Let’s say that you have chosen to do up your kitchen here. You could pick a white for the kitchen cupboards, and a grey for the countertops and work surfaces. This gives you plenty of scope to then pick a brighter colour that you could use on the walls or on the backsplash. Why not consider something like an aqua or a bright yellow? This can really help to turn a kitchen from somewhere that is quite clinical into a room that is warm and welcoming.


Add Patterns


If you are nervous about flinging paint around and changing the colours of your walls, adding patterns can be a great way to take a first step into the world of colour. 


After all, there are so many different styles of wallpaper out there that you could explore. For example, some might want to choose a floral pattern, others might like geometric.


Patterns excite the eye and draw our attention, no matter what colour they might be. For those who are thinking of changing their room but are unsure of where they should make the first move, finding a bright pattern in the form of a rug or a throw could be the perfect first step.


If you are ready to branch out into the world of colour, you are going to find some amazing things waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and explore some of the different colour stories you could try. Adding colour to your home is a quick way to make it feel vibrant and lively.


Image: Pixabay