How to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

Working remotely as a freelancer has both its advantages and disadvantages. While it can give you some flexibility and freedom since you can make your own decisions regarding your work,  there are also some downsides to it. The distractions that come along can diminish your output hence the need to leverage coworking spaces. This model is an arrangement that involves different workers sharing office space to save on costs that one would incur renting a space and procuring office equipment. When you are a freelancer, this working approach can help improve your productivity immensely. Below are some ways that show how coworking can make your working life easier and better:



  1.     Promoting work-life balance


As a freelancer, you know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you are working from home. At times, you may want to focus on your professional responsibilities but your children or pets may want you doing different things for them. Such distractions can take a toll on your overall productivity thereby reducing your overall output. But, when you result in coworking, it is highly unlikely that your thoughts will wander to the issues that you need to take care of at home. Free of any other responsibilities, you will finally get the opportunity to focus your attention mainly on your work. This is because coworking spaces are built to enhance high-intensity brainstorming. In case you just moved to Nevada, you can easily find coworking space Los Angeles. Becoming part of the coworking community in your city will help you attain the work-life balance that you need.
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  1.     Promoting happiness at work


When you are happy with your workplace, chances are that you will improve your output. The logic behind this claim is that at the moment about 30% of the workforce is made up of millennials 40% of which are freelancers. This category of workers enjoys close workplace relationships and values friendships significantly. Research shows that approximately 75-90% of coworkers enjoy their personal connections because it makes them feel more motivated and engaged and coworking makes it possible. When all these attributes are put together, they make coworking the key to staff happiness which ultimately boosts productivity. 


Additionally, coworking gives freelancers a sense of belonging because it enables people to socialize. Loneliness and boredom will no longer be a problem as you will have like-minded individuals inhabiting the same space as you. Over time, coworkers become friends because their lives are interconnected in a way that makes the workplace feel like home. This kind of belonging encourages people to feel motivated, report to work earlier, and work overtime to get tasks done.



  1.     Encouraging flow of ideas


When you work around like-minded professionals, chances are that their unique talents and skills are going to rub off on you. Despite being self-employed like most freelancers are, at times you need to consult to get a different perspective on an issue that you may be dealing with. Given that you are surrounded by people, you do not need to step out to go get inspiration, motivation, or professional advice which minimizes time wastage. Coworking also offers room for you to brainstorm and learn new things from your skilled coworkers. 


In the end, you become more innovative, knowledgeable, and an expert in your line of work. This expertise becomes valuable in your profession as it will help you complete tasks faster by leveraging the skills that you develop today. When ideas are flowing seamlessly among professionals, chances are that you will commit minimal mistakes which means you will spend less time fixing errors.


  1.     Boosting connections and networking


As a freelancer, you often run your projects independently and this can make you conform to the solitary confinement of your personal space. While it may be good, you ought to remember that humans are social animals and that there is value in coworking because it gets you to network with other professionals. The networks and connections that you form may be valued in the next project that you undertake. So, the way to get started on networking is by striking conversations with other people over tea or lunch breaks. Another way is through meet and greets events hosted by your coworking space. Such events are ideal for you to get to know the coworkers that you have not had a chance to interact with during regular office hours. These kinds of interactions will hone your creativity making you more productive. 



Making use of coworking space for freelancers is the new normal. The truth is that you can grow your performance significantly when you work in a collaborative environment where people share common attitudes and interests. In addition, it will help you feel a sense of belonging among professionals and you will be able to draw the line between your life and work. If you thrive for efficiency and creativity, you need to start thinking about becoming part of the coworking group near you.