How to choose the perfect storage unit for yourself?

Whether you are in university or preparing to enroll yourself in the university, self-storage is something that you might need to store your belongings. The reason to rent storage is that you'll be able to store your necessary things in the storage and stop worrying about them. 

But to choose a storage unit that fits your needs, you need some guidance, and this is what the blog will teach you. After reading this blog, you'll be able to pick the right-fit self-storage for yourself. 


Types Of Storage Units


Before choosing the storage unit, you must decide the type of storage unit you might need. In general, there are two types of storage units. Full-service storage unit and a self-storage unit. Now, let's compare the difference between the two storage units.


Full-Service Storage


Full-service storage can help you get done with most of the things. The representatives will pick all your stuff and take care of the details of sorting them out. You can easily schedule the pick-up time and drop-time. These storage services create an inventory of your belongings with photos.


You'll be able to see the items on your smartphone with accuracy, and the inventory will be available for you at all times.




With self-storage, you'll be in charge of everything, from moving to documenting and sorting your things out. This is one of the most popular storage methods out there. A self-storage is an economical way to store your belongings without worrying much about the item's security and safety.

When you choose self-storage, you'll be held responsible for delivering, documenting, and sorting things.

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Choosing Between Self-Storage And Full-Storage


Primarily, as a student, you need to decide whether you need self-storage or full-storage. If you want economical storage, go for a self-storage unit. For students, mainly due to budget limitations, self-storage is often an intelligent choice.

But at times, the circumstances permit to take full-storage instead of self-storage because of the convenience. A student cannot carry the items everywhere, which means a full-storage can help them out.


Types of Storage Units


Once you've decided on one storage unit, it is time to choose the one that will protect your things. You can select from various types of storage units. Let's discuss which type will be the right choice for you.


Climate-Controlled Storage Units


The storage units are climate controlled, but not all of them guarantee a heater or AC or temperature control. Simultaneously, a temperature-controlled storage unit ensures that the weather will be maintained for humidity and freezing or heat resistance.


These type of storage units are best for items that are temperature sensitive:


  • Art
  • Antique
  • Electronics 
  • Wooden furniture 


If you are looking for a temperature-controlled storage unit, then a climate-controlled storage unit is something you are looking for.


Indoor Storage Units


These storage units are located within a building and don't have direct access outside the building. These storage units are more secured as you need to go inside the building to place your items. Since these units are indoors, there are no worries about temperature control in indoor storage units.


Outdoor Storage Units


An outdoor storage unit is also located in a building, but it has outside access. You don't have to go inside the building to access the storage unit. You can access it just by driving your car around the door of the unit.


This is done to provide convenience to the students who move around a lot. But the outdoor storage units have limited climate control which means that when you open the door, the items will be affected by the outside temperature, making the items vulnerable to dust, dampness, and extreme temperature.


Portable Storage Containers


These are the type of storage units that you can put in your home or at work. The portable storage units are placed in a commercial warehouse where you can access them later.


Types of Vehicle Storage


At times, you need to store your vehicle for a day or two, but there is hardly a safe place for it.  Depending upon the type of vehicle, you have options that will help you to store the vehicle in storage.

Indoor Vehicle Storage


With this storage unit, you'll be able to park the vehicle in a closed spot where it will be safe and secured. It can be anywhere in a large building along with other cars.


Outdoor Vehicle Storage


Consider this as economical storage that you can rent to park your vehicle. But the problem with this is that your vehicle will be vulnerable to elements that can be a security risk.


Covered Vehicle Storage


With a covered vehicle storage unit, you'll get a covered roof for your vehicle. Some of the storage units have three walls, while others have less protection. Still, this option is better than an outdoor storage unit is. 


What To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit?


Duration Of The Storage


Most of the storage units are rented for a month or few months. The cost of that storage depends upon how much time you need to store the items. This also means that you need to consider the time that your items can be stored. If you are willing to store the items for a more extended period, they may be damaged items, so you need to think hard before renting a space.


It is essential to mention that the storage unit's height may vary and is measured as square footage. You need to rent a storage unit that will occupy your belongings, leaving no room for extra space.


Cost of the Unit


It's vital to consider the cost of the storage unit that you are willing to rent. The storage units might cost much, but you don't need that much space. So, before you rent a storage unit, it is better that you make an inventory of all the items that you are willing to store.


Once the inventory is made, it will be easy to know which storage unit you need to fulfill your requirement without paying anything extra.


Storage Features and Amenities


The indoor storage unit doesn't necessarily need to be climate-controlled. There will be features in the contract that you might not need at all, and the company might be charging you for that. So, you must see the features before you rent out the storage unit.


On the other hand, some storage units like the Bystored Personal Storage provider or IMS have various necessary features but don't seem to be important when you take them. But 24-hour access and no extra fee is something that you might appreciate while renting the storage unit.


Storage Insurance


For a storage unit, you must have the insurance of the storage unit. Because in case of mishaps, you will be able to claim the insurance you've purchased with the storage unit.


There will be precious items, and if you are willing to store these items in a storage unit, the unit must provide you with some security over those items.


As a rule, consider the policy insurance and offer before you rent out the storage unit.




Generally, storage units have different levels of security. You must understand how your belongings will remain safe and secured when renting out a particular storage unit. Find out the security at the premises and judge if the security is enough to keep your things safe.


Facility Maintenance


Another important factor to consider is the maintenance of the faculty. The storage unit must give enough security and prevent your items from damage. Ask the manager for the level of security that you'll get. It must be prevented from smoke, pest control, and gases.


Customer Reviews


One of the most important factors when renting out storage is customer reviews. Before you rent a new storage unit, it is essential to check the unit's customer reviews. What customers are speaking and what some concerns of the customers are. Ensure that you clear things before you rent out the storage unit.


Sharing The Storage Unit 


Another important thing with a storage unit is sharing it with others. When you rent a unit, you can always share it with other people if you don't need that much space.


This will help you fulfill that extra space that goes wasted in the storage unit. You can divide the payment as per a mutual understanding, and it will benefit both of you.


Closing Thoughts

Whether you are a university student or someone who travels a lot, renting out a storage unit can save your time, energy, and trouble that you might face while moving your items from one place to another while you look for a new place.


A storage unit is a necessity for everyone who travels a lot. While traveling, you don’t have to worry about your stuff which is why you can easily rent a storage unit that will take care of your belongings.