How to Become a Makeup Artist for Fashion Shows?

Working as a makeup artist at a fashion show is one of the dreams of anyone who has decided to make this their career. However, achieving this is not an easy thing, and it requires a lot of preparation, persistence, and passion. Here are some things to consider if you want to be a makeup artist in fashion shows.

Develop Your Skills

You need to be an expert at what you do before you can work at a fashion show. This means attending makeup school or taking different makeup courses. This will allow you to develop your skills and learn new techniques that you need to master for your work.

Another benefit of attending school is that it allows you to get in contact with people who have worked or currently work at Fashion Week! School is not only about knowledge but also about connections, which are an essential part of the fashion industry. Some schools even have access to the backstage of different fashion shows, which gives you first-hand experience even as you are still learning.

Furthermore, being a part of the backstage of a show allows you to add this to your CV. This can open doors for you at future fashion shows, which is a great first step.

Apply for a Makeup Job at Fashion Houses

A good way to get experience and maybe the opportunity to work at a fashion show is by becoming one of the makeup artists at a fashion house. This will allow you to learn, become known by the designers and show producers at the fashion house in question, as well as to better understand what they’re looking for.

Before you apply though, study the aesthetic and style of the designers at the fashion house. This will allow you to perform better if any makeup tests are needed before you are hired.

Contact Agencies

A great way to build your CV is by assisting well-known makeup artists. A way to achieve this is by contacting the agencies that represent them. You need to have a strong portfolio already and it’s recommended that you have a website and strong social media following. This way, you will stand out from hundreds of makeup artists who are trying the exact same thing you are.

If you don’t have a website, then it’s time to get one! Make sure it looks professional and that your work is clearly showcased. Keep in mind that you might not hear back from these agencies. However, persistence can help you with this. After a couple of months have passed, try again! Make sure you have added something new to your portfolio. It’s key that you keep your portfolio updated and that they see you are an expert in the newest trends.

Research the Best Makeup Artists

Most makeup artists love to give advice and talk about their journey. Researching their experience and how they’ve gotten to be where they are can provide you with ideas and insights into what you should be doing.

Learning from their experience can help you prepare for what is to come and allow you to understand how the industry truly works.

Invest Your Time

Working at a fashion show might be the goal but you will need to become known by the fashion house or the agency working with them before you get there. Look for assisting opportunities throughout the year, and that way they will know you and your work when the time comes to select the makeup artists for the shows.

Practice Makes Perfect

As stated before, you need to show you are aware and capable of implementing the latest trends. Therefore, make sure you practice as much as possible to hone your skills and become a better makeup artist every day. This is a competitive industry, and only those who keep practicing have any chance of making it to the top.

Being a makeup artist in a fashion show is an exciting prospect. If you practice your skills, look for jobs at fashion houses and agencies, and learn from those who came before you, you are bound to succeed. Remember to keep your portfolio updated and not get discouraged by negative responses. You just need one that says yes!