How To Accessorise Wooden Bed Frames in 5 Different Styles

Wooden beds are perennial favourites in many people's homes. 

Due to their timeless aesthetics and natural materials, wooden bed frames continue to be a trendy choice. Their durability and robust qualities are preferred among those looking for a long-term investment. 

If you are looking to change your bedroom style every now and then, a wooden bed frame is also the perfect evergreen piece.

Thanks to its high adaptability, it offers style and durability, all wrapped in a stunning item that feels at home in a wide range of interior design styles. 

Whether you are looking to get rid of clutter and try a Scandi style this year or go bold with a Boho-Chic or Industrial style, a wooden bed frame will help you get the look.

Some may think of a wooden bed as a dull investment, but if you know how to style it pretty, this can stand the test of time, and it can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

This blog post will show you how to accessorise a wooden bed frame in 5 different styles for a fresh bedroom look. 

  1. Style Your Bed The Scandi Way
  2. Get the Modern Farmhouse Look
  3. Create That Rustic Feel
  4. Try the Boho-Chic Décor
  5. The Industrial Method

    The Scandi Way 

Scandinavians are all about functionality without sacrificing beauty. 

Natural daylight is a rare commodity for Scandinavians during the long winter months. That's why they choose light furniture pieces to ensure that natural light is travelling around the space. 

If you feel like the Scandinavian style is your next choice, try to focus on a minimalistic décor with clean and simple lines. 

To style your bed like a Scandinavian, you should follow these simple rules: 

  • Think in whites for your beddings, layered by gently greyed down colours for your cushions and blankets
  • Opt for natural fibres such as hemp, sisal, and wool in soft neutral colours. 
  • Add cable knit woolen throws, soft cashmere blankets, and warm fluffy cushions to get the look
  • Don't overdecorate when accessorizing your bed  
  • Layer textures to add some depth to your sleeping nest 

To ensure that you add some definition to this look, remember that black is your friend. Feel free to use it in light fixtures, framed artworks, and shelving. 

You can incorporate darker shades of grey in your upholstery, cushions, and carpets to add even more contour. 

The Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 

The modern farmhouse is a trendy interior design style known for its warmth and simplicity.

It combines the sleek lines of the contemporary design with the cosy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living-inspired style. 

To set the tone for a farmhouse bedroom, you should keep your walls in a neutral colour, as this will help blend everything together. If you are really into this style, shiplap will help you achieve the look and add dimension to your room. 

Opt for oversized pendant lights or rustic sconces, embrace imperfections, add vintage objects and incorporate woods. 

Natural wood accents are essential for a farmhouse vibe, so a wooden bed frame is a perfect piece to make a statement with. 

To give your bed that country look, you need to keep in mind some simple rules:

    • Use neutrals for your colour palette. Choose soft beiges, creams, and light greys for your linen.
    • Accessorise it with natural textures and materials. Add some texture to your bed with cushions and throws from natural fibres. Think hemp fabrications, avoid plastic and try to source as many organic and handcrafted finds as possible. 
  • Try to mix old and new elements
  • Avoid bright colours in your bed accessories 
  • Layer textures to deliver some depth and contrast against all the white and wood tones. 

    The Rustic Bedroom

When we think of rustic, the first thing that comes to our mind is wood. So if you want to infuse that cosy rustic touch to your bedroom, one thing is for sure. You need to keep it natural. 

Natural materials are the foundation if you want to create that enviable rustic décor that celebrates organic elements authentic beauty. 

It is essential to incorporate lots of wood, stone, raw materials, and fabrics such as burlap and canvas. Furniture is usually oversized and is designed to feel cosy and comfortable. 

A wooden bed frame can be a great focal point to a rustic bedroom, and to dress it in the same style, you need to consider some simple rules.

  • Opt for natural raw fabrics such as jute to keep the same look
  • Keep any sheen out of your beddings
  • Try simple beddings that will let the bed materials stand out instead. You can opt for white linens to allow the wood to speak for itself and become the focal point.
  • Choose neutral shades that will contrast and enhance each other.
  • Accessorise with pillows and throws in jewel-like tones if you want to bring a pop of colour. For a touch of bold, unexpected contrast, think of pinks, reds, purples, greens, and blues for your bedroom accessories.

    The Boho-Chic Look

The Boho Chic Style combines open, bold, and unusual items to create a quirky, colorful, quirky, and outside-the-box décor. 

It involves an eclectic mix of elements, colours, patterns, and textures.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect boho-chic bed, you can choose a wooden bed frame for a safe bet. Look for organic shapes, carved wood, and light-colored solid wood frames. Start with painting your bedroom walls in pure white to create a beautiful backdrop for your wooden bed frame. 

Even a classic wooden bed frame can be given a boho-chic look with these simple rules:

  • Add duvets. A boho-chic bed is full of inspirational, dreamy textures. To achieve this, look for ruffled duvet covers. Make sure your duvet is nice and thick, and let it spill over the edges. 
  • Choose linen duvet covers. The boho-chic vibe promotes that imperfect look for your bed. Linen covers will be a great choice as they naturally wrinkle to help you achieve that undone nonconformist charm.
  • Opt for oversized beddings. To make your bed look warm and cosy, you need to add some volume to it. To achieve this, the easiest way is to use oversized beddings. For example, try a king-size duvet on a queen size bed as longer items are much more inviting than bedding that is too short. 
  • Create that imperfect look. The good thing about the boho-chic vibe is that your bedroom doesn't have to look like a hotel room. A boho bed will always have that undone feel like it is just there waiting for you to crawl back into. 
  • Choose tasselled bedding. The more tasselly your bedding accessories are, the more bohemian it's going to feel. Hanging bits and unfussy looks will always do the trick. 
  • Add layers. You can do this by overlaying pom pom throws, chunky textural knits, or faux furs. Whatever you choose, just make sure you let them hang effortlessly, and they will provide the perfect contrast for your wooden bed frame to sit on. 
  • Extra pillows. A boho-chic bed will always love some accents colours, so don't be afraid to use some colours and patterns in your choice of pillows. 

The beauty of the boho-chic? There are never too many pillows. 

  • Innovative improvised headboards. If your wooden bed frame doesn't have a headboard, the beauty of the boho-chic style is that you can improvise one. You can simply opt for a beautiful tapestry, an oversized dream catcher, or a decorative hanging macrame. 

 To complete the look of your boho-chic bedroom, you might also want to add extra layers of rugs, mix-matched furniture, string lights, rattan accents, plants, and vintage items. 

The Industrial Look

The industrial style has become increasingly popular in the past few years. 

The look is based on combining the best aspects of the old-world charm with modern sleekness. 

An industrial bedroom doesn't have to be gloomy or rough. It can be trendy, chic, and inviting, especially if you know how to choose and accessorize the main element in your sleeping sanctuary: your bed.

The three wise elements essential to get this style are wood, metal, and concrete. 

If you are already the proud owner of a wooden bed or think of getting one, this will feel perfectly at home in an industrial bedroom.

When choosing the accessories for your bed, you should keep in mind some simple rules:

  • Keep it neutral. When choosing your bedding, always keep your colour neutral to go with the style. Choose mainly shades of grey, browns, blacks, and white. 
  • Mix materials and textures. Get creative with your bed and try to mix textiles for depth and contrast. You can even go bold with a colour accent such as burnt orange or dark green, but try to choose just one colour for your emphasis.
  • Keep it simple. In essence, the industrial style is about simplicity and the beauty of functionality, so you can keep your bed simple and play mostly with your bedroom finishes and the space around your bed.

To complete the look of your bedroom, opt for low-profile bedroom furniture with clear lines. Go natural with your furniture and try to use exposed brickwork in combination with woods. 

Include industrial pipes and metal frames in pieces such as side tables and bookcases.

The most popular finish for your walls is exposed brick, but exposed concrete and wood cladding also work well. For the flooring, you can choose polished concrete, stone, or wood. 

As per your lighting fixtures, bring pendants from the past or simply use a bare light bulb as the Edison-style light bulb. 

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Final Thoughts …

Whether you already own a wooden bed or think of getting one, there are various interior design styles where one would feel at home.

We hope we managed to convince you that a wooden bed frame is a timeless design piece and an extremely versatile one that offers endless styling opportunities.