Going Green with Your Hot Water Heater


A majority of you do not know that aside from home heating and air conditioning, the other component that skyrockets your energy bill is the water heater. This is why you need to put in measures to go green to save both the planet and lower your utility bills. But, what does it mean to go green? These are practices that you adopt that are environmentally friendly to sustain natural resources and protect the ecosystem. So, how do you then go green with your water heater? Here four water heaters to choose from:


  1.     High-efficiency conventional water heater 

This heater comes in various models and its tank is often insulated. The good thing about it is that you can run it using solar power, natural gas, electricity, or propane. With this kind of water heating equipment, water in the storage tank is kept hot and running throughout. This reduces the time spent heating the water which enables you to save up to 50% of your energy bill. Getting a high-efficiency water heater also qualifies you for a tax rebate. In certain instances, you may get a chance to reclaim part of the money that you spent acquiring it.

This heater is also low maintenance compared to the traditional ones. This is because its manufacturer adheres to the highest quality manufacturing processes that make it very efficient. A high-efficiency water heater produces minimal greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and its parts are recyclable which makes it environmentally friendly. Additionally, a high-efficiency water heater is also durable and has a warranty for more than ten years.


  1.     Tankless water heater 

Like the name suggests, this heater does not use a storage tank. When you turn on the hot water tap, the cold water will go through the tap into the unit where an electric or gas element heats it. This feature makes it provide you with a constant hot water supply for the entire time that you are running the tap. A tankless water heater is energy efficient which enables you to save a lot on your energy bill. It also has a longer life span compared to other heaters. Its design makes it occupy less storage space which means that it is not built with numerous materials that eventually end up in a landfill. For these reasons, they are environmentally friendly. When it comes to water heater replacement, this tankless water heater is a must-have. Although, it is quite pricey and you need a skilled professional to have it installed in your home however it is worth it. 


  1.     Hybrid water heater 

This heater keeps water in the storage tank slightly warm and when you switch it on, it quickly accelerates its heating capabilities so that the water is warmer. Based on your preference, some of the hybrid water heaters come with a high-technology heat pump which enhances their performance. This heater helps you save up to 70% of your energy bill. The hybrid water heater emits few greenhouse gases when in use unlike other natural gas-powered heaters in the market. You need not worry about its safety because it is powered by electricity and not natural gas.


  1.     Solar water heater 

Using a solar water heater will reduce your energy bill by 90% mostly because the sun is free. Should there be any shortage of fuel and an increase in its price, you will always be protected because the heater is not powered by that energy source. Its mechanism of action is that water is heated in a separate storage tank which happens to be connected to solar collectors. So each time you run your hot water taps, the water comes out warm. During the times when the sun is not there, there is a gas back-up system that warms up your water.

The beauty of using a solar water heater is that solar panels are efficient because about 80% of the incoming radiation is turned into heat. By using this heater, you reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Additionally, you become eligible for the renewable heat incentive. This means you might get paid for using the energy that you generate.


Going green is the new normal! If you decide to use any of these water heaters, you will reduce the over-consumption of energy is a major environmental concern in the 21st century. All these heaters provide you a broad range of benefits, thus pick one and have it installed in your bathroom.