Five ways to keep your heating bills under control

We all want our homes to be warm and comfortable, but keeping them that way is, for many, a struggle. Prices continue to rise. However, despite this, there are still things you can do to keep your heating bills under control. Here are a few of them.

Uncover and take advantage of special deals

Whether you use gas, electricity, or heating oil to keep your home warm, take the time to shop around for the best deal. It is worth doing. Many suppliers know that money is tight and actively work to make it easy for their customers to get a good deal or spread the cost. Firms like emo oil, selling heating oil to residential and commercial property owners, make it easy to get a quote before you order. They also provide innovative delivery services that enable them to offer special deals to regular customers. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes on your power or oil supplier’s website to uncover special arrangements and deals.

Generate heat efficiently

Making sure that your boiler, kerosene heater, or log burner is working efficiently is important. If you have an older boiler there is a good chance that it is not working as it should. Shockingly, your old boiler could be working at an efficiency rate as low as 60%. This means that 40% of the fuel or power it uses is being, effectively, wasted. Having your boiler or other heating equipment serviced regularly helps to greatly reduce this wastage you might need to get in touch with a professional emergency boiler repair. Naturally, that will play a big role in keeping your bills down. For information regarding the heating oil, get the answers here.

Consider only heating the areas you are using

If you are currently heating a room that you rarely use, consider turning the heating off in there. But be sure to properly draught proof the door. If you do not, a significant percentage of the heat in your passageway or an adjoining room could be drawn into the colder room. 

Consider using space heaters instead of central heating

There are many types of heaters, but the most common ones are space heaters. In some homes, space heaters make more sense than central heating. Reading this article will help you to work out whether this is the case for you and your family.

Make the most of the heat you generate

It is surprisingly easy to waste a lot of the heat that you generate. You only need to leave the front door wide open for a few minutes for the temperature in your home to drop by a couple of degrees. Getting into the habit of shutting doors as you move between rooms and not leaving the living room door open when you accept your food delivery will stop this from happening. 

Insulating your home properly, installing double-glazing and quickly dealing with draughts will also help you to make the most of the heat you generate. Far less of it will simply leak away.

Most of the above suggestions are simple to implement and do not cost much. So, if you are not already doing so why not give a few of them a try.