Essential Features of the Gothic Fashion that makes it Trend


Essential Features of the Gothic Fashion that makes it Trend

Nowadays, the Gothic style of fashion is fairly embraced in modern mass culture. It can be seen at runways, red carpet events, TV shows, movies, and music videos. However, most individuals have a very vague concept of this style. The main misconception that people have of gothic clothing is that it must be black. It is indeed true that black color prevails in the Gothic style, but it is not correct to believe that this is the only color that Gothic accepts. There are several instances where a completely different color, such as a white outfit, could be attributed to the Gothic style. With this in mind, let’s have a look at important features that make the Gothic fashion trend:

Doesn’t Tolerate Warm Colors

Gothic design is cool and aristocratic fashion. Goths do not dress in pastel or ablaze colors, with rare exceptions. They want to remain pale and prefer accessories made of white metals such as white gold, silver, or mostly low-cost metal alloys. Traditionally, a white color usually symbolizes the cold, deadly light of the Moon. It perfectly stresses the Gothic mourning attire and their faces' pallor. The most popular choice of color of Gothic fashion is all shades of black. The black color represents mourning for a life filled with pain and suffering. Gothic clothing is usually made of satin, velvet, and other materials that stress the dark hues and make them appear deep, noble, and dramatic. 

Is Romantic and Promotes Individualism

For Gothic followers, this kind of style is more than a set of believes that associate Gothic with spikes, skulls, rivets, and vampire symbolism. For gothic, it is foremost a way of self-expression. Therefore, any Goth will have several homemade, handmade, and bespoke-crafted items in their wardrobe. Gothic attire from Ninja Cosmico acts as a visual label through which individuals with a certain emotional mood can reveal to the other members of their community who they are.

Is Artistic

Gothic fashion usually attracts free-spirited artists and open-minded people. The gothic community has several creative individuals. The artists include; dancers, designers, musicians, actors, and others. It is the reason for certain glory of the Nu Goth fashion, its courtly mannerism, excessiveness, theatricality, and the scornful attitude towards naturalness and simplicity.

Tough and Revolutionary

History reveals that Gothic is a title that is historically associated with images of destruction, death, and decay. The Gothic word was naturally abusive to symbolize something dark, creepy, gloomy, and barbaric. The negative interpretations ironically made it the best-suited symbol of rebellion. Therefore, it becomes the best fit to describe the gloomy and rebellious subculture by having gothic attire from Ninja Cosmico.

Appeals to the Past and the Future

One of the antique Gothic style's main attributes is the long vintage gowns, hats with feathers, and corsets. It is easy to understand that they get inspiration from past fashion trends. On the other hand, the goggles and protective masks, big chunk-soled shoes worn by cyber Goths appeal to the post-apocalyptic world futures.

Generally, having a gothic image is unique and original. It is often chosen by individuals with flamboyant personalities and who enjoy challenging the prim society. Not every individual is courageous enough to wear Gothic fashion. If you like Nu Goth fashion, but you are not ready to dive into it, you can begin by adding a little Goth accent to your regular wardrobe. You can start with a Gothic ring, necklace, or earrings.