Celebrity Ring Styles: Which one matches your personality?

Of course, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend and probably always will be and when we take a look at the Hollywood A-Listers, we can see a wide range of ring styles. See if there are any of the following that resonate with you.

Coloured Diamonds

Celebrities who choose coloured diamonds include: Jennifer Lopez, who had pink diamonds, and Carrie Underwood, whoprefers yellow stones in her engagement ring. Jane Seymour, that classic British actress, was presented with a fancy, vivid blue 2.8 carat diamond ring. Black diamonds are for the self-confident woman who knows what she wants; examples are Carmen Electra, Brooke Burns and Kat Von D. We all loved the sapphire engagement ring that Lady Diana Spencer wore when Prince Charles proposed. Kate Middleton also prefers blue diamonds.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to coloured diamonds, the custom jeweller can source loose diamonds and other precious stones and you can design every aspect of the ring, making it truly unique. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne or in your local area, a Google search will help you to locate a local bespoke jeweller, who can design the ring according to your preferences.

Diamond Shapes

Of the many different diamond shapes, here are the most popular:

The Emerald Shape - Kate Hudson received a colourless emerald shape stone in her engagement ring.

The Round Shape - Miranda Kerr received a round ring from Evan Spiegel.

The Cushion Shape - Jennifer Gardener was over the moon when she was given a 4.5 carat cushion cut engagement ring.

The Marquise Shape - Michael Douglas gave Catherine Zeta Jones a 1-carat Marquise diamond engagement ring.

The Oval Shape - Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is oval in shape, which is the halo setting ring that was once worn by Lady Diana Spencer.

The Heart Shape - Lady Gaga was given a heart shape diamond ring by an admirer, but the engagement was called off shortly after.

Once you have decided on the ideal style for your engagement ring, the next step is to make contact with a leading jewellery maker and you can discuss the many design options.

Designing Your Engagement Ring

When you consider that having the ring made is no more expensive than buying diamond ring from a jewellery store, why not go down the bespoke road and create a unique symbol of your undying love? The custom jeweller will take your design concept and turn it into reality and you get to choose the metal, the precious stones, the setting and the diamond cuts. The ring could become a family heirloom, which you hand down to your daughter when she is about to get engaged and its value would appreciate greatly over the years.

While it is nice to follow trends, at the end of the day, it is all about you and how comfortable you feel with your engagement ring. If you are having trouble finding the perfect engagement ring, consider commissioning a custom jeweller to create something very special that will be a one-of-a-kind.