8 Useful Tips on Growing Your E-Commerce Business in a Down Economy

During an economic downturn, consumers cut back on their spending as they face uncertainty about their jobs and businesses. A lot of people cut hugely on budgets in preparation for the worst. When consumers have less confidence in buying, businesses get directly affected. 

For any business to survive, it has to make sales even during an economic downturn. E-commerce businesses are now in trend and they are the first ones who face the heat of a downturn and to overcome it, the business owners have to revise their marketing strategies. The e-commerce business owners may find the following tips useful for growing their businesses when things are really squeezed up in terms of sales. 


Customers continue to buy even during an economic downturn. The only difference is that they buy less and more selectively. Since most people will travel less in such a time, they spend more time buying online. Utilizing SEO will help grow your business.

According to online marketers who work for professional essay writing services uk, create an SEO marketing strategy and write your product descriptions, ensuring you understand well the best keywords to use in your SEO marketing. SEO tools online can help you know which keywords people are searching for more concerning your product type.

Reduce debt

It is easy for business people to think increasing debt will help them during an economic downturn. Most business people will rush to their bankers and apply for a loan to boost their business. The outcome of this action will be more burden upon the e-business.

As mentioned on a business subjects online assignment help, when customers are buying less, it means the business is making fewer profits. The business needs to be sustained despite small profit margins. If the business increases debt, the risk of failure to pay will be higher.

Soon you may start to receive calls from debt collectors because you defaulted several months. The best way to avoid court cases and nagging from debt collectors is to reduce debt.

Satisfy market need

During an economic downturn, most clients will opt to buy less expensive products because they want to save as much as possible. You should scan all your products and judge if their cost will attract customers or scare them away.

If possible, lower the cost of the products to satisfy marketing which is shopping for low-priced products. If it’s not possible to lower the cost of your current products, turn to creativity and produce cost-friendly products.

The bottom line is not to sell poor quality products but to satisfy the market need, even if it means buying from another e-commerce business. Once the economic downturn is over, you can revert to your former prices.

Go for high-value customers

During an economic downturn, many businesses will turn attention to huge sales, discounts, giveaways and so on. The strategy may work for some e-commerce businesses, but it will not work for many

The financially struggling client will be looking for any opening where they can save more. If another e-business offers better sales and discounts than you, they will not hesitate to shift without notice.

Some high-end customers don’t get heavily affected by a down economy and they will not change their buying behavior. If you have a list of such clients in your e-business, reach out to them and seek to retain them.

If you don’t have high-end customers in your business, do all you can to get them. They will help keep your business on the profitability path as you wait for the economy to recover.

Outsource services

You can significantly cut costs through outsourcing services. Many agencies offer outsourcing services for marketing, writing, call center and collecting payments. If you outsource wisely, you may end up saving a lot of money and make more sales as you will be focusing only on the core area.

Advertise more

Most businesses will cut on their advertising costs during a down economy because they want to save to help survive when business is at its lowest. When more businesses pull away from advertising, it creates a gap in the advertising companies and as they seek new clients, they will likely lower advertising costs.

You can take advantage of lower costs and advertise more. There will be less competition because fewer businesses will be advertising meaning your adverts will easily be noticed by customers. Your clients will know you are still in business and they will continue buying from you even as you gain new clients.

Monitor your cash flow

Cash is the lifeline of any business and without it. No business, no matter how big or small, will survive. For your e-commerce to grow, you need to monitor every channel that is earning you more money and the one that is consuming more.

First, invest more in the channel that is earning you more so that you gain more from it. Later, you can look for ways to improve the other channels so that they become profitable. You need to collaborate with your marketing team and brainstorm the best way forward.

Use social media for marketing

Social media is used by people from all social classes and ages. It can be a powerful marketing tool during an economic downturn and after. If you open an account on each social media platform, you can reach millions of people within a short time.

You can post in the paid or free adverts and they can all bring a huge return to your e-commerce business. Ensure you use all tools available on social media like video marketing, messages, audio and so on.


Down economies do not last forever, even if the situation may prevail for one or two years. The economy eventually recovers and businesses enjoy good times once more. During a down economy, businesses need to survive, and e-commerce businesses are better placed because they have a wider customer reach online. The business person needs to look at new avenues to tap business from or change strategy to gain more customers and retain their old clients.

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