7 Reasons Why Your Business Must Invest In UI/UX Design

7 Reasons Why Your Business Must Invest In UI/UX Design

A frictionless user experience across multiple channels is the foundation of doing business in this digital age. Brands rely on appealing interfaces, efficient marketing strategies, and engaging content to promote their apps. Yet, while building and marketing, they neglect the importance of great UX/UI design. Some even mistaken it for a mere buzzword that has little to no value. But a thoughtful UX/UI design is vital for your business success.

Research reveals that every dollar spent on user experience (UX) yields between $2 — $100. That’s an ROI of more than 100% and can reach up to 9,900%. A great UX/UI design enhances user engagement and buying process. 


What Is UI/UX Design?

It is crucial to learn the basics of UI and UX before investing in them. And that’s where we’ll begin. An expert UI UX design company can help you build user-centric products. It will add value to your business and help you win your customers’ hearts.

  • UX stands for User Experience and is a comprehensive approach to web development. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction and interaction while meeting business objectives. 
  • UI stands for User Interface and is a visual component of UX. It helps a user interact easily with the software/app. UX governs which UI components to include that can improve the usability and experience.

UX design is not a one-off activity. It’s an iterative process. A principle called “UX Curve” requires the developers to learn about the change in product experience over time. So, you’d have to carry out tests and gather feedback. Since UI/UX designs play a huge role in the e-commerce industry, learning skills from UI/UX design courses can help your future career. If you would like to learn more about how to optimize e-commerce sites using blueprints such as Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) then you can find some helpful resources online.

Why Your Business Must Invest In UI/UX Design

Aids In Brand Building

A good user experience is vital in building trust in your brand and forming a long-lasting customer relationship. If one wants to transform the business into a brand, you must invest in UX/UI design. A strong brand yields several marketing advantages. With the right UX/UI components in place, you’ll deliver the brand messaging smoothly. You acquire loyal customers who’d buy from you repeatedly, and that’s the recipe for business success. 

Seamless and engaging interactions translate into brand recognition and reliability. Think of Apple, and you’ll realize how successful a company can be with good UX design.

Improves Conversion

With the proliferation of social media and the internet, driving traffic to your landing pages is easy. What’s hard is converting this traffic to customers. And that’s where UX/UI design can help you. The more your product aligns with the user needs, the better your sales will be. UX design also encourages you to tweak CTA, which can significantly improve the conversion rate.

You can include components that encourage buying or taking a specific action. For example, you can smoothen the scrolling experience or reduce the number of steps to complete the purchase.

Enhances User Retention

Once you convert leads into customers, how do you plan to keep them buying from you? The answer is by investing in a great UX/UI design. It doesn’t only attract new customers but also helps sustain existing ones.

A customer journey map can help in customer retention. These are visual storyboards or designs to figure out every iteration of the user journey. It enables you to identify their purchase habits and where they are in the buying cycle. These metrics will help you optimize your designs to drive better customer engagement and retention.

Helps In SEO

UX design can not only improve conversion but drive organic traffic as well. According to Google, a user leaves your website within 3 seconds because of slow loading time. A good UX/UI design can help resolve this issue by making landing pages more relevant and helpful. 

Thus, your visitors will find the information they’re looking for, thereby reducing the bounce rate. UX design also helps in site structuring and indexing, hence, contributing to SEO.

Helps You Avoid Feature Creep

How many times have you seen a useless button or graphic on a web page/app? That’s an example of bad UX. These unnecessary components are known as “Feature Creeps.” If left unchecked, they can hurt your brand reputation and annoy users. 

You can create responsive designs from a user perspective, i.e., how real users react to your services. Thus, you can avoid the Feature Creep trap. 

Increases Word Of Mouth

The effect of good design goes beyond conversions. The world-of-mouth referrals might be hard to measure, but it’s something that comes with good UX design. If you provide an excellent user experience, why wouldn’t they praise it?

When you impress the users with your product/service, they’re more likely to recommend it to others. The reason might be - ease of use, elegance, or something unique that you offer.

Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

UX design can reduce your customer acquisition cost. By helping them find the information they need, more users can complete the purchase. So, if you’re using PPC ads to drive traffic, you’ll close more sales for the same investment.

Final Thoughts

Online experiences that encourage customer engagement and satisfaction are the essential building blocks of a successful business model. By investing in UX/UI design, you ensure that you’re getting the maximum return on your investment. So, if you’re developing or revamping a website/app, you must leverage a great UX/UI design.