6 Ways to Use Argan Oil for Shinier Hair and Healthier Skin

Natural beauty care is all the rage nowadays, with people choosing lava clay and aloe instead of chemical-based products to make themselves look their best. This trend is excellent for your well-being and the environment, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

So, if you're ready to jump on the bandwagon, why not start with something simple? Argan oil is already a component of numerous shampoos and creams out there, but using it in its pure form takes the advantages one step further.

Let's explore the top ways to implement this ingredient into your routine and achieve that shiny, healthy, stunning look.


1. Moisturize the Face

Argan oil provides a massive hydration boost thanks to its high vitamin E contents. This element is dry skin's best friend, strengthening its barrier and helping it retain hydration throughout the day. 

If you struggle with the opposite extreme, this ingredient can still help you. It doesn't clog your pores, calming oily skin while still offering adequate moisture.

You don't want to apply clear oil to your face, though. Purchase a bottle of 100% pure extract and apply a few drops to your regular moisturizer to enjoy some extra refreshment.

2. Fade Dark Spots

Hyperpigmentation occurs due to many factors, including sun exposure, aging, or even hormonal imbalances. Luckily, tocopherols, the compounds of vitamin E, can inhibit the production of excess pigment. 

As a result, this rich oil can improve and brighten your skin tone. Some studies even suggest it could speed up wound healing from burns, which is worth mentioning even if it doesn't fall into your daily skincare routine.

3. Remove Signs of Aging

These moisturizing properties can also help with age marks on the skin. Vitamin E restores elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making you look more youthful and healthier. 

The elasticity factor can even help with stretch marks. While no skincare product can remove these signs of pregnancy or weight gain altogether, the combination of moisture and prevention of discoloration makes the lines much less visible on your body.

4. Condition the Hair

The moisturizing benefits don't stop at the skin. The argan tree produces a phenomenal mask or conditioner for your hair.

Its small molecules easily penetrate the cuticles, softening your locks and making them more manageable. You'll see reduced dryness, frizziness, and tangling after several uses.

You can choose pure oil or use a natural, oil-infused mask. In either case, apply it to wet, clean hair and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and gently dry your scalp with a towel for the best results.

5. Soothe Your Itchy Scalp

Those suffering from flakes and dandruff can find additional support in this magical oil. Its anti-inflammatory benefits calm your scalp and feed the skin, improving hair quality.

Drop some pure extract on your fingertips and gently massage your head. Ideally, you'll leave the treatment overnight and rinse in the morning.

6. Prevent Sun Damage

While you still need an SPF cream for the face, this ingredient serves as a high-quality hair sunscreen. It neutralizes the free radicals enhanced by the sun, pollution, and the natural environment to prevent a mess of a hairstyle.

Moreover, argan prevents pigment loss for color-treated hair. That way, it helps you enjoy your stunning new look for longer while softening your curls in the process.

To yield these benefits, sprinkle one or two drops on your palms and lightly run your fingers through the hair. Go light on the oil to keep a fresh, bouncy look, though.


In a Nutshell

Whether you're dealing with a frustrating condition or only looking to enhance your daily beauty care routine, argan oil can help. After all, organic products are all about that pure, natural glow.

Whichever application method you choose, start slow. The reports of allergic reactions are rare, but it's always a good idea to make sure your skin and hair aren't suffering an adverse reaction to make the most of this truly magical product.