6 Ways To Finally Stick To A Healthy Routine

A healthy routine can set us up for happier, more productive days and a healthier future. However, most people struggle to stick to a healthy routine. They may stick to it for a few weeks or even a few months, and eventually find themselves falling back into their old, unhealthy habits. If you want to make sure you’re not just going to give up on your new healthy routine, here are 6 ways you can stick to it.

Make It Sustainable 

If your healthy routine isn't sustainable then you simply can’t expect yourself to stick to it. Healthy routines don’t need to be super strict. Simply come up with a routine that suits your lifestyle, that you’re confident you can stick to. If you seem to always go back to your old ways, it could be that you need to continue tweaking your routine until you actually stick to it. 

Forget ‘Perfection’ 

There’s no such thing as perfection. A truly healthy routine will always allow for balance. You can eat cake, have lazy days, and do other things in moderation. While a healthy routine means making healthy choices most of the time, it’s ok to have a day off when you feel you need it. Restriction only leads to a vicious cycle. You restrict so much that you completely go the other way when you give up. When you find balance, you’ll feel so much better. 


Find Good Habits To Replace Old Habits 

See if you can find some good habits to replace your old habits. Drink sugar free squash instead of soda. Look for the best vape deals instead of buying cigarettes. Go for a walk when you’re stressed, rather than binge eating. You need to take one step at a time, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always get this right. Being kind to yourself is so important. If you can’t be understanding and compassionate, then you may end up in a shame spiral that makes you feel even worse, leading to more undesirable behaviours. 

Have A Good Reason ‘Why’

A strong reason for wanting to stick to a healthy routine will ensure you’re more likely to keep going. Do you want to set good examples for your kids? Do you want to live longer, and avoid certain health conditions? Make sure your reason resonates with you. Sticking to a healthy routine to change the way you look often isn't a strong enough reason, so bear this in mind. 

Work On Your Self Image

How you see yourself can play a huge part in whether you stick to your good habits or not. Work on your self image every day. Try to find things you like about yourself, no matter how small. Appreciate the things your body does for you. Use affirmations and meditations to change your mindset. 

Talk It Out

Talking your problems out with somebody can be a huge help, especially if you can afford a professional. You might just be able to get to the root of your problems this way and find a way to stick to your new routine.