5 Outdoor Activities for Kids To Enjoy

With the advancement of technology, parents struggle to keep children entertained without gadgets and stay outdoors more. As the long summer break is fast approaching and the global pandemic left parents with their kids all day at home, resonating for the best outdoor activities to keep them fit and healthy is essential. 

To help you deal with this phrase, "I'm bored," we've gathered the best outdoor activities your kids will definitely love. Simultaneously, there are plenty of activities out there; some standout and are crowd—mommy and daddy's—favorites. Check them out and try some with your kids today. 

What Kind Of Outdoor Activities Kids Enjoy?

Your kids won't have any reason to feel bored as there are plenty of outdoor activities they can play. These games are not just ideal during the summer seasons or limits your kids to stay in the backyard. Whether you are searching for new interactive and physical games to play, these activities will transform outdoor playtime into a new world of fun and adventure. 

Who knows, your kid will always be outdoors waiting to play these games once they try them today. While our lives and activities are limited during this global pandemic, slowly, the world starts regaining the most common outdoor activities with extra precautions. As a parent, you'll prioritize your family's safety above everything. The turning point is that you'll still want your kids to be active and have fun. 

Parks, shopping malls, play areas, and beaches are several places you can take your kids to stay active and do physical activities. Some plan weeklong camping, while others transform and set up a backyard sports court for toddlers to play and learn new skills. The truth, despite many options for your kids to be active, only a few are feasible. 

  • Learn A New Skill

Varying on the kid's level of ability or motor skills you'll want to improve, learning several activities must be your top priority. For instance, if you have a backyard sports court, then you'll never run out of ideas and activities to try. A court means a good sport: tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, and more. 

Did I mention the possibilities are endless? Or as long as you and your kid's energy last. If they want to learn to shoot some hoops, then let's do it the right way. Try setting up your child's first-ever Toddler Basketball Hoops to practice and improve his game performance. Basketball is a versatile and fun way to keep your kid busy outdoors, having fun, and building his confidence. 

Then, we have another great sport i.e. volleyball. As players must jump, dive, and hit the ball, playing volleyball develop strength in the arms, legs, and core. Introduce your child to the sport, play along and if he or she develop the liking for it, then don't think twice and take them to an academy like justspikeit.com.au. You never know you may get to see a volleyball star in a few years.

Playing various ball games improves your child's cooperation and discipline. The long list of ball games will continue to dominate your kid's interest; let them be. Besides, are there other ways to enjoy the outdoors and a backyard sports court than not to play games in it?

  • Play Backyard Games

Do you have any favorite backyard game you used to play when you were young? Going down the memory lane, you'll surely reminisce about the old times, playing hide-and-seek, freeze tag, or Red Rover, all of which holds a special part of your childhood. Assuming you have remembered how you used to play these games, why not teach them with your kids? 

You can even modify the game to make it more appealing and pique their interest. In case it gets dark, and your kids are still having fun, why not add some light—flashlights to elevate their night game activity!

If you have an enormous backyard, why not create your routine jog or walk to bond with your family. Besides walking, you can also camp outside, and don't forget the marshmallows and tent to transform a make-believe camping adventure into a real one. 

Walking in your backyard is a great time to bond, be fit, and have fun. Hiking can also boost physical stamina and keep your kids fit and healthy.

  • Get Wet With Water Games

Beat this year's summer heat with water games, sprinkles, splash parks, hoses, or set up your pool to cool off kids and let them play actively. If you are going to a local pool, ensure you have checked the area's guidelines and safety protocols. 

You can also enhance your child's swimming skills and learn new underwater techniques. Water balloons are also a great way to entertain kids while outdoors. You can invite some friends to play with you and launch those water bombs. We're your friends won't mind getting wet as long as you'll all have fun.

  • Scavenger Hunt or Geocaching

Fun is an understatement with a scavenger hunt, treasure hunting, or even modern-day geocaching, which allows your kids to have tons of fun while searching the whole area with "hidden treasures." For traditional scavenger hunts or treasure hunting, you can collect a variance of items found outdoors or in the park. Affix these items on a paper, have a few words of encouragement, and let the hunt begin. 

For high-tech scavenger hunt or geocaching, teach your kids the basics, how to navigate their device, and find the cache. Set aside a prize or leave yours for the next kiddo. If you don't have GPS devices or this seems complex for your child, letterboxing is a similar game, less the GPS

  • Plant In The Garden

Lastly, what can be more fun, engaging, and entertaining for kids than to be part of the green movement—garden activities. Allow your kid to plant their first-ever tomato or something easy to take care of. Let them do the "caring process" from watering to plucking weeds. This activity teaches your kid a lesson that they'll take for the rest of their unique life. 

If you don't have a garden, why not create one: get a pot with soil, buy some seeds, and plant them in a bit of space that offers adequate sunshine to help plants grow. Let your child have their checklist for watering the plant and monitoring work. 

Why Are Outdoor Activities Good For Kids?

Outdoor toys and activities play an essential role in your kids' development. As we are now technology-dependent, our kids spend 90% of their time indoors, most of the time, in front of screens. This lifestyle has limited their exposure to daylight and fresh air.

This dramatically affects every child's mental and physical development. Various organizations and even your grandparents encourage your child to go out and play outdoors. There are plenty of outdoor activities that offer positive effects on your kid's overall well-being. 

  • It improves resilience and physical strength
  • Aids with embodies learning
  • Promotes your child's mental health
  • Enhances integrative and creative thinking
  • Advocates your child's responsibility
  • It helps kids easily understand safety protocols
  • Allows them to be prep up of the outdoors, including weather changes

Final Words

While there's no-one-shoe-fits-all, the suitable outdoor activities for your kid vary with several factors. However, the benefits that outside play offers and where they usually play help them enhance essential development and knowledge you can only achieve when playing outside. 


The outdoor activities aforementioned above can give you a better idea of what you can let your kids do and harbor them off the screen, move more, and improve their physical interactions.