5 Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

Did you know that Tiger Woods got his start when a family member gave him some clubs and some golf driving tips for beginners? The next day, BOOM he was a millionaire overnight! 

Well, not really, but he makes swinging a club look so effortless that most any joe, dick, and harry who inherits a set of clubs from their retired uncle think that that's what went down. In reality, you need to train relentlessly year in and year out to reach that level of mastery.

Still, you're going to need some beginner tips to climb all the way to the PGA!

Let's start with the basics going all the way from how you stand, to your grip, to your swing. So, what're we waiting for? Let's start training for that hole-in-one! If you want to know more about the best golf instructions and driving tips? You can find more tips and the best guides at Golfers Spot! For more Tips and Ideas in playing golf, check out https://www.reachpar.com/beginners-guide-to-playing-golf/

1. Take the Proper Stance

Golf is a unique sport. It relies on technique and planning instead of brute strength, natural talent, or agility. So, naturally, one of the best things to practice when you first start learning how to golf is your stance.

Your stance anchors every movement you make during your swing and dictates the success of every effort you make. So, find a how-to manual like this one to plan out your perfect swing. 

In general, though, when you're driving, take a wide stance; when you're using a wedge, take a narrow one, and take a neutral stance while putting.  

2. Pay Attention to How You Stand Over the Ball

Most golf players' natural tendency is to stand with the ball at the center of their stance. However, this stance is bad form.

So before planning your post COVID-19 golf tour, learn how to stand correctly next to the ball. When driving, you should stand a little further back than you might think. This way, you'll catch the ball on your upswing instead of when your club is parallel to the ground. 

This simple adjustment will help you get a lot more distance out of your swings.  

3. Keep Your Leading Arm Straight

Your power in golf comes from creating the best level you can with your arm and your club. Consequently, if you're wondering "how to golf better" you should focus on creating a straight line with your arm and your club.

Positioning your arm like this also helps you aim your ball. If you keep your arm straight throughout your swing, you will significantly decrease the drift you put onto your ball.

An excellent way to remember this is to think about creating a triangle using the ground, your torso, and your arms. 

4. Don't Drive the Tee in Too Deep

This is one of our favorite golf driving tips. Don't stab the ground with your tee. Instead, barely push it in. 

Focus on having 80-90% of the tee exposed before you take any swings at the golf ball on top of it. This positioning helps you send the ball higher during a drive because you're more likely to catch it on the upswing.

Also, you'll look like a pro when your tee spins up into the air, so that's a massive plus.

5. Don't Rely on Power During Your Drive

When most people want to learn how to drive a golf ball, they head to a driving range, pick up a club, and wave it around like a sword—swinging it as hard as they can. 

This is a bad move. While power is important (Tiger Woods is famous for it), technique matters more. The sheer length of your driver alone will generate incredible amounts of force.

So, when you're driving, take it slow and swing with precision in mind, not power. 

We Hope These Golf Driving Tips for Beginners Have Helped!

The more time you spend at the grassy paradise of your local golf field, the better off you'll be. So, remember our golfing tips and tricks and practice them every time you can. 

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