5 Essentials of Choosing the Right Consultants in UAE

If you are looking to move abroad or set up a business there, you need professional help. Why? Visa processes are cumbersome and can frustrate even the coolest minded people. The reason is that visa rules are too complex for a layperson to understand. Even if you meet all the requirements, the application might be rejected. Thus, the best thing to do is to opt for immigration consultants or consultancy services.

However, the problem is that there are so many consultancy services in Dubai, and each of them regards themselves as the best consultants in Dubai UAE. But we all know that is not the case. After all, how can everyone be dubbed as the best immigration consultants in Dubai? Keeping this in mind, we will guide you about the essentials of choosing the right consultants in the UAE.


Kindly keep in mind that every business needs to have a licence to operate. Otherwise, they are considered illegal establishment. The same applies to immigration consultants in Dubai. If they are not registered with the relevant authorities, there is a likelihood that they are trying to defraud or waste your time. Therefore, make sure that the consultancy service that you have selected is registered. If you use the services of a non-registered immigration consultant, you might not have adequate legal cover.

According to leading business experts, a better option that working with consultants is working with legal experts. For example, by hiring the best law firm in DIFC, you can ensure that your company paperwork, certifications, permits and financial status are all secured and in accordance with the local business and financial laws of the land. This ensures that you will not get into any trouble with the authorities or any penalties will be imposed on you.


Apart from the registration, Dubai's best immigration consultants must have tons of experience in different fields. For instance, they must be well-versed in family visa, business visa, and other immigration schemes. Their expertise must not be confined to any specific country. Instead, they must have ample experience in different countries.

You might be wondering the logic behind this reason, right? Well, if they have experience in different countries, they can guide you better. You might be thinking that setting up a business in Germany is the best course for permanent EU residence. But what if that is not the case? You would surely end up wasting considerable resources. A good immigration consultant would understand your goals and recommend a course of action accordingly.

Interpersonal Skills

The best immigration consultants will have impeccable interpersonal skills. After all, it is their job to understand your requirements and help you. If they cannot understand you or communicate their knowledge to you, what is the point of paying for a consultant? If you are looking to set up a business abroad, you need to feel comfortable sharing your plans with a consultant. Good interpersonal skills help build trust. In the case of poor interpersonal skills, you will be concerned. Due to it, you might not feel comfortable sharing valuable details. The left-out details can be the reason for visa refusal.

Good Reputation

The best immigration consultants will have a good reputation. You can Google the consultant's name and check their reputation online. In the case of too many negative reviews, the best thing to do is avoid them. You can also contact their previous clients and ask them about the quality of services they received. How can you get access to their client list? Just ask them to share details of their previous clients so that you can make a final decision. If they are hesitant, it is best to check another consultant.

Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

Visa application processes are not straightforward. Each case is different from the previous one. Hence, the best visa consultants will use their creativity to solve complex problems. For instance, if the visa is refused, would you give up? No! It is the job of the consultant to come up with a solution. How can you assess if a consultant has good problem-solving skills? There are multiple ways. One is to give them a made-up scenario and assess their response. The other option is to share your details and ask them about the future course of action. Their plan can give you much insight into their skills.