4 Ways To Turn Your Staycation Into Your Best Vacation Yet

Have you noticed how staycations are becoming more and more popular these days? Whether it's due to finances, schedules or simply the desire to slow down and relax, they can be a great option for anyone in need of a break. The trick here is finding ways to make it a special time; to give it a different feel than your normal everyday life. The good news is that this is totally possible, and you'll probably come out of it wondering why you hadn't done this before. If you're ready to take a break from the traditional vacation and enjoy your own home in a different way, some helpful tips could get you well on your way. Keep reading for four of them.

  1. Bring the Resort to Your Home

One of the best things about staying at a resort is being able to enjoy certain things that you don't get to experience nearly enough. If you're considering planning a staycation, why not bring the resort feel into your home?

While you might wonder if looking into inground swimming pool costs or ways to turn your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat are a little excessive for a just a staycation, keep in mind that these upgrades will be something the whole family will enjoy for years to come. Imagine how much fun everyone would have spending lazy days in and around the pool. Don't forget the ultra-comfy poolside lounge chairs and fluffy towels. Think about building your very own poolside tiki bar, complete with a new blender and plenty of fun recipes for tropical cocktails and mocktails. After all that swimming, think about how luxurious it would be to give yourself a head-to-to spa treatment in your fabulous upgraded bathroom. Installing a rain shower head in your shower would be the perfect way to rinse away your homemade coconut sugar body scrub, and slipping into a warm, thick Egyptian cotton bathrobe afterwards would be a real treat.

Viewing these as home improvements could give you the additional push you might need to make your decision.

  1. Get Creative and Have Fun in the Kitchen

Going out to eat and trying new foods are some of the highlights of vacation. And they can absolutely be a highlight of your staycation, too.

Task everyone with collecting interesting and delicious sounding recipes, or explore new and exciting cuisine. If you have fond memories of certain foods from past vacations, why not try recreating them at home? This is a great way to expand your palette and even find some new favorites. This is also not the time to worry too much about your diet, so indulge and enjoy.

Setting up a beverage station would be a great way for everyone to have access to their favorites throughout the day. Shopping ahead of time for the ingredients you need would ensure you're stocked up and ready to go.

  1. Try Something New

Another perk to a vacation is trying new things, and there's no reason you can't do the same on your staycation. Even though chances are slim you'll end up skydiving in your backyard, you'll probably be surprised at all of the things available not too far from your home. Remember — just because you're staying home doesn't mean you have to stay at your house for the entire time.

Whether it's trying out a new fitness class, exploring nearby hiking trails, hitting the bowling alley or getting tickets to a show, you're guaranteed to have a great time. Try researching this ahead of time so you don't spend your time off trying to make plans.

  1. Pretend Some Responsibilities Don't Exist

Have you hit your limit with the ins and outs of everyday life? Are you tired of cleaning up the same messes around your house, cooking the same tired meals, going through the motions of paying bills, running errands and going to appointments? The answer to this is simple when you're taking a staycation. Just don't do any of it.

This isn't to say you should let your house and life go in disarray. Picking and choosing only what is necessary, such as throwing in a load of laundry at least every other day or so, will save you from excessive chores afterwards. If you're really looking to treat yourselves, consider hiring a housekeeper. Try scheduling a night where a professional chef comes to your home. Order groceries and other necessities and have them delivered to your doorstep. Hire a sitter to look after the kids so you and your spouse can enjoy some quality time together (you know you need it).

A successful staycation will be what you make it. With some proactive thinking, an open mind and a desire to really relax it just might end up being your favorite vacation yet.