You need an ESTA for USA application

Yes, you need an ESTA for USA application, if you want to travel to USA with family or a group. It is easy to apply for an ESTA application if you are travelling with your family. You can apply as a group application to the ESTA, if you need an ESTA for a family and group. You can apply online, if you need ESTA for family. It will take less than ten minutes to complete the application. Approvals will take three to four days, in order to avoid any kind of travel disruption, the group should apply for all the applicants well before the departure date to the United States.

What do I need to apply for family ESTA?

A group of applications allows you to submit ESTA applications for up to fifty travelers with a single payment. Applicants in a group of applications are not required or allowed to travel together. Additionally, there are number of benefits to submitting a group of applications like a single payment saves time over making individual payment per application, keep the information and view the track of status of all the travelers in the family or a group. You can also update the group of application by adding or removing applications from the group.

To apply for an ESTA as a family, you have to choose one representatives member to serve as a contact for the application. At once, the representative may apply for ESTA for up to fifty members of a family and a group. It is not needed or required for ESTA application procedures to be completed by the applicants and individual. In case, application can be submitted by a representatives of family or group, or by an agent. However, the registration of travelers must be individually. When applying for ESTA, passport information for all the travelers covered by the application is needed. Before beginning the application process, the representative should first collect the passport information of all the members of the group.

You can apply on the behalf of other traveler but you need to mention or indicate that you are applying on the behalf of other individual. By selecting the box relevant to third parties applying on the behalf of the applicants. To apply for a family, there are some requirements that you need to complete an application for individual. It includes:

Passport information: passport information includes passport number, passport country of citizenship, expiry and issue date of passport, passport issuing country and same information for any kind of additional passport.

Personal information: in personal information first name, last name including middle name, family name, date of birth, place of birth (country or city), gender and any known anonym is included in the application.

Parents: you can add parent’s first name and family name but if it is not known then you can put “unknown”.

Contact information: in contact information, you can add line one and line two, region/state/province, city and country, email address and telephone number.

In case of needing any emergency contact information in the USA, first name, family name, telephone number and email address is needed. This information can be added for your USA hotels. If you are staying in USA then an individual contact information is needed which included U.S contact, address line no 1 and line no 2 , state in which you live and telephone number is required. There is an option of employment information as well if you are employed. You need applicant’s employer name, address line no one and line no two, state, province or religion and city and country’s name.

In family, babies and children’s are also included in the application for ESTA family or group. So the question is, do you need an ESTA for babies?

Yes all visa waiver eligible travelers, no matter of their age, to their departure of the U.S, will require to have their own approved ESTA prior. Each travelers needs to meet all the ESTA requirements and must have a valid, unexpired passport and approved ESTA in their own name. If you are travelling to US with kids and children, you should be familiar and known with the rules of applying an application.

The information is required to enter correctly because the information on the passport must match the shown information on the passport. The boarding pass will be issued after checking whether the ESTA application has been completely correct or not. The traveler will not allowed to board the flight, if the information on the passport or application are not in agreement. And he/she will be considered not to have authorization of ESTA. There will be a problem if there’s incorrect or incomplete passport number, entry of incorrect name or family name or any case of error in date of birth.