Why the Gift of Food is a Time Honored Tradition

There are very few things everyone needs and uses. Food is at the top of that list. Even though from person to person that diet varies we all need and enjoy food.


In a lot of situations we may not be able to think of the perfect gift for someone but we can always take that person to dinner to celebrate or make that person a cake. Food is always a gift that is guaranteed to please. 


There are several things that we celebrate where food is a main focus of the celebration. It will be impossible to name them all, but let's highlight a few that show how food is always the perfect gift.

Birthdays and Anniversaries  

The way we celebrate birthdays and special dates changes as we age. As children we had to have a birthday cake. The cake was the centerpiece of the party. It was the last thing that was brought out, we all had to sing. and you had to make a wish.


As we get older a Birthday is more likely to not be celebrated with a party, however it normally is recognized with special dinners, either large or small, so food is still the gift used to honor the loved one. 


Anniversaries, especially romantic ones, are often celebrated with a nice dinner. When that dinner is actually prepared at home it just adds to the thoughtfulness of the gift. It makes someone feel special to know someone took the time to prepare them something. Also gifting your loved ones with candies or chocolates is always a quick way to their heart.


Halloween is a holiday where the only appropriate gift is some type of sweet confection. Everyone spends the night in costumes and enjoying the mischief of the holiday.


The more sugar the better on this night (you know you hated getting raisins). It is the one night of year you get to indulge and it is all about food.


Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated by fasting and the gifting of baskets of food. The baskets are called mishloach manot.


Mishloach manot are traditionally filled with at least 2 types of food and mask for the children. Purim is celebrated in late winter. They will fast for one day and feast the next. Food is the center of this holiday as well.

Rosh Hashanah 

Rosh Hashanah is also a traditional Jewish Holiday that is celebrated in the fall. This holiday is to celebrate the Jewish new year.


It is traditional to give food for Rosh Hashanah. The most common gift is apples and honey. Jewish people believe eating honey to celebrate the new year will bring them good luck.


Jewish people also believe eating sweet dates, to celebrate the new year, will bring punishment to their enemies. This makes dates a popular gift for this holiday as well.


Birth and Death

When someone has a child or loses a loved one the first thing most people think to do is prepare a meal for the family. Everyone knows that both of those times in life are very hectic and it is hard to find time to prepare meals.


This is another example of why the gift of food is always useful and appreciated. When you are in a stressful situation it is comforting to know there will be something ready to eat at the end of your long day. 


To sum everything up, Food is just the perfect gift. It provides comfort, memories, and adventures. The reason it is such a time honored gift is that there is no better gift to satisfy such a wide variety of people.