Where To Go On Your Next Bahamas Excursion

The Bahamas comprises an array of gorgeous tropical islands that give you the ultimate paradise getaway experience. It is officially popular as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is a country located in the Lucayan Archipelago of West Indies along the Atlantic Ocean. It occupies about 97% of the Lucayan Archipelago's land area and is habitat to 88% of the archipelago's population. This archipelagic state comprises more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. Here, we explore some exciting destinations worth visiting on your next Bahamas excursion. 

Inagua Island 

Inagua Island is located on the southernmost tip of the Bahamian archipelago and is the habitat for gorgeous neon pink wildlife. Great Inagua is chiefly the birding capital of the Bahamas. The nation's largest bird sanctuary is also in the Great Inagua Island, the third largest island among the Bahamian islands. Inagua is well known for its Inagua National Park and its bird population. Flamingoes, pelicans, and the native Bahama parrot are found and well preserved on this island and worth your time in this adventurous journey. Taking a flight to Matthew Town from Nassau is the quickest way to reach Inagua Island. 

Calabash Eco Adventures 

The ultimate adventurous trip includes witnessing wildlife like yellow-crowned night herons, red mangroves, and double-crested cormorants. Experience a unique kayak adventure in one of the largest creek systems in the Grand Bahama Island known as the Dover Sound. You can also enjoy other exciting activities like kayaking and snorkeling expeditions to the Island of Peterson Cay. Don’t forget to buy a kayak roof rack to load your kayaking gear when you go on the adventure trip. The adventure initiative of Calabash Eco Adventures covers the exploration of beautiful sandbanks, natural treasures such as a blue hole, gorgeous white powdery beaches, and tropical cocktails and hammocks by the end of the kayaking experience. Other places of interest in Freeport Island are the inland blue holes and the Lucayan National Park. 

Harbour Island 

Known by locals as the 'Briland,' explore this picturesque island with the flawless coral coastline. This place has remained a world-class sunbathing location to be cherished eternally. The best part of all is that apart from the almost nothing transportation expenditure, the beaches here have remained free of cost. Also, venture into a boat ride of about 2 hours and 45 minutes while reaching this gorgeous Harbour Island. While your time there, certainly try the original and iconic Bahamian culinary establishment called Sip Sip to experience the finest traditional cuisines. 

Pinetree Stables 

Savor the endangered pine forests across hardwoods, along the swash, past the luxurious Coopers Castle, over the dunes, beach, and water by the side of secluded shoreline, all via horseback ride. It is one of the most popular activities of the Freeport or the Grand Bahama Island. With offers of both trails and beach tours via a horseback ride, this two hours guided ride has some prominent adventurous tags around it. Make reservations ahead of time to make an early departure to this ultimate, unusual, and fun expedition. 


Bimini's Bahamian island has the closest nautical distance from Nassau, making it the perfect destination to cover quickly. Nassau's direct flight to Bimini can get you to this absolute heaven for the adventure and wilderness lovers. During your visit to this exquisite island, do not miss visiting the Bimini Scuba Center for the shark-watching experiences of a lifetime. There is also a scheduled Tiger Shark off-island expedition this coming May through July for anyone feeling a little too adventurous. 

Caribbean Divers 

Visit the Caribbean Divers located in Port Lucaya at the Bell Channel Inn Hotel for the vibrant and multicolored coral reefs. With a flourishing marine life here, scuba diving is another phenomenal experience that one shouldn't miss. The Grand Bahama Island or the Freeport is also home to 'Shark Junction,' which is a great place to encounter the Caribbean reef sharks. The area has the unusual Pygmy Caves, which are small caves formed by large levels of coral. Another quality of Grand Bahama is the waters that also feature a cool underwater playground that has the record of enriching the Bahamian experience to the highest level. 

Final Thoughts

From stunning fun water activities to strolling in the sun-drenched tropical beaches, various destinations include the capital Nassau and Freeport that are worth your adventurous excursions. On the one hand, the capital Nassau is rich in culture and heritage, pristine beaches, unmissable Caribbean cuisines, and endless outdoor activities to explore. On the other hand, Freeport, the northwest island port city, offers various natural beauty, outdoor activities, beautiful city life to adventures such as horseback riding, scuba diving opportunities, and of course, the Garden of Groves. To enjoy these islands best, make sure you carry a backpack at all times, with essentials like water bottle, towel, sunscreen, etc in it. Other essentials back at the hotel should include your charger, your wallet, your credit cards, a global adapter, a bag of medicines, essentials like Gummies from Sunday Scaries, etc.

These were some of the many worthwhile places and excursions you can choose for your next trip to the Bahamian Islands. Dive into them for some life-changing and delightful experiences.  

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