What's The Secret Behind Facials?

Do facials work? You’ve probably looked at a few products that say they will exfoliate your skin, make it look brighter, smoother, healthier, and plumper. And then you look at the price and wonder if all that is even worth it?! Yeah no kidding, so have many other women. If the prices of facial products are as high as it is nowadays, it better be. So we looked into what facials are, how they are supposed to work, why they matter and if you should get them.

What is a facial?

A facial is a concept that is designed to do a few things all at once.

  • Rid your skin of debris and clumps of natural oil
  • Clear your skin of spots, pimples and blackheads
  • Draw new blood to your skin, allowing toxins to be flushed 
  • Give your skin a bright new surface layer, making your face look vibrant
  • Slow down the process of releasing natural oils so your skin stays smoother, sleeker for longer.

This is what a facial is all about. Well, usually. Many different facials exist, such as the hydrafacial service designed for your skin to retain its moisture, ‘resurface’ your skin by taking away dead skin, removing hardened skin, and smooth out any lines. There are lots of different styles of facial, it will take a little research on your part to find out the various kinds.

Why get it?

Ah yes, this is the question, is it even worth it? Well, we think that there’s a valid reason why you may not want to get a facial. Maybe you have sensitive skin. Maybe you have eczema which flares up easily when your skin is irritated. Or maybe, you just don’t want a lasting feeling in your face that facials leave behind. Any kind of through cleansing service will do all of these things. However, there are ways you can avoid irritation. If the facial product doesn’t have alcohol in the ingredients, if the product also has alkanes instead of acids or perhaps, it's au naturel, chances are it won’t cause you any pain or short-term annoyance.

The results

Many women want to have younger, bright skin and facials definitely do that. However, the results compared to other product styles and services are similar. It all depends on the type of skin you have. If it's dry, then you may find that exfoliators and serums work better. But if you have normal skin, facials have been proven to give you the work, make your skin feel richer, softer, smoother and stronger. However, we must stress that your skin might be red for a while, it might feel a little inflamed for an hour or so, but eventually, it will shine through. The results vary but if you keep having a facial every couple of weeks your skin will be bright and more vibrant.

Facials are incredibly effective and they very often are the first thing to evolve in the beauty industry. New technology, techniques and products are coming out every few months.