Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger

 They say if you want to stay youthful, you have to remain useful. Staying active can help you live longer and feel youthful, but you can do so many more things to look and feel young.  

Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age. With aging, one faces not only physical transition but also mental and psychological challenges. Although it's inevitable, adopting specific measures may help you to look and feel younger.

Here's a guide to look younger. Read the full post to know what you can do to feel and look young. 

Tips To Look & Feel Young  

You will find countless articles on how to look and feel young, but we added some things you ought to know. Nobody else will tell you about those facts. But, we are here to shed light on those pointers. 

1- Keep your body hydrated - Daily intake of 8-10 glasses of water increases metabolism, keeps your skin and tissues hydrated, and helps to check weight, allowing healthier-looking skin.

Did you know that drinking 12 glasses of water can help you keep in shape? It flushes out all the toxins from your body. Some people also reported that staying hydrated keeps stones at bay. 

2- Trigger up your physical activity- Following daily exercise, both physical and brain exercise is found to reduce aging by almost a decade at the cellular level. It increases blood flow, oxygen consumption to working cells, thus adding to your youthfulness. 

3- Keep a check on Dietary habits - A plant-based diet rich in phytonutrients helps fight free radicals. Add some fruits and vegetables to your diet. It is much better than eating heaps of protein.  

4- Avoid ignoring your sleep- Hectic lives have made our lives so stressful that we miss our sleep most of the time. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people look sad and unhealthy, cause telomere shortening, and promote brain tissue loss. Sleeping for at least 8hrs on your back slows down aging and enables cognitive functions.

5-Adopt and Avoid- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco products and adopt a good skin care regimen viz. Use of moisturizer, nutritional supplements viz green tea, multivitamins, etc., to prevent oxidative damage responsible for early aging.

6 - Invest in a good sunscreen - It is essential to invest in a good sunscreen. It should have a 30 SPF rating (and broad-spectrum). Why is that required? Well, sunscreen should protect you from UVB and UVA rays. Whether it is a cloudy or a sunny day, good sunscreen is required. UV rays will always be there, and they harm your skin. Carry the sunscreen with you at all times. Sun damage is also linked to signs of aging. The harmful UV rays are responsible for breaking down elastin (a tissue), which gives elasticity to the skin. 

7 - Dietary & Beauty Supplements - If there are any nutritional gaps, the dietary supplements will take care of them. Supplements help in boosting energy levels and making you feel younger. All this is required to feel and look more youthful.  

8 - Happiness is a state of mind - If you feel old and lifeless, you will feel unworthy. You have to be confident and happy in your skin. Remember that an increased waistline or wrinkles on the face are not permanent conditions. They will fade away, and the waist will shrink with a proper diet and exercise. You have to stay happy and work towards your goal. 

The Takeaway 

Aging is a part of life; it can be delayed, but you can't avoid it. However, one should not stress over it. As per research, those over 40 who remain positive feel up to 20% younger than their biological age. Adopting certain lifestyle changes can help you to look younger for a long time.