Top 10 Places to Visit in Manila for Couples


Philippines capital is such a magnificent city where every nook and corner has something interesting to offer you. Not only for kids and families but also for couples, Manila would be a fantastic destination which is filled to the brim with amazing things to see and do. Perhaps, a dine with your loved one or a day out can be a super idea. So, scroll down the page to find out the top 10 places to visit in Manila with your partner. You can also check out the amazing flight deals at Cathay Pacific by clicking on this link!

Rizal Park a.k.a. Luneta Park.

Rizal Park is one of the largest urban parks in Asia that has been able to capture the interest of both Manila residents and foreigners as a leisure spot as well as a historical area. Including the main landmark of Rizal monument, the other notable structures such as Carabao Sculpture, Kilometer Zero, Dancing Rings and the Independence Flagpole make the site more evocative. You would like the idea of spending a romantic night here in front of an 88 ft high water soaring at Musical Dancing Fountain Show. And also you can walk hand in hand with your partner through the trials of the Chinese Garden!  


Does your partner like antiquities? Then she will love you more if you take her to Binondo! It’s the oldest Chinatown in the world.  Go to Ongpin Street for a wonderful shopping experience. Test your taste buds with the taste of authentic Chinese food at Carvajal Street. But you must not miss the Binondo Church, Seng Guan Temple and Kuang Kong Temple that rule among the antiquities at Manila’s Chinatown. 

Antipolo Cathedral.

Your partner might be quite a religious person. So, a visit with her to the Antipolo Cathedral would sprinkle both of you with its blessings. Roman Catholics have made it one of their popular pilgrimage destinations since it houses the Shrine of their Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at a higher altar in front of stained glass windows. A drive for about an hour from Manila would take you there. The masses are held every Sunday at 5.00 AM and on Saturdays and weekdays, they start at 6.00 AM.

Manila Bay Cruise.

What about watching the sunset on a cruise with her? Yes, a superb idea in such a beautiful city like Manila where awesome sunset hours are remarked on Manila Bay! Enjoying a sunset is romantic, but to make it even more romantic get on to a Manila Bay Cruise. You may choose either a buffet or a set dinner, but it would surely end up in a romantic night beneath sparkling lights. Consider it as a sunset date of not more than 2 hours between the love songs played by an acoustic band on the cruise.  

Old Manila - Intramuros.

The happiness of a couple is wandering around while hand-in-hand with your partner. You can find that happiness at Intramuros, which is the oldest district of Manila. If one hates walking, you can use either bikes, horses or carriages! Imagine such a precious occasion when only you two are there between old structures under and an old vibe! Share love while keeping steps to St. Agustin Church which is an old stone church and Fort Santiago which is an old Spanish fortress.    

Cultural Dance Show at Barbara’s.

There might be couples who love to soak up in cultural stuff. For such a couple, the Cultural Dance Show at Barbara’s is among their must do things. Barbara’s cultural shows typically last for about three hours. They have dancers wearing native costumes shaking their hands and legs to Filipino folk music. It would be followed by a special Filipino dinner with mouthwatering chicken adobo and Lechon kawali. It would surely be a novel romantic activity for a couple in Manila.       

Greenbelt Chapel.

Decided to go shopping with your partner at Greenbelt business district? It’s a complex of reputable shopping malls. I’ll suggest a spot to take a leisurely walk after a few busy shopping hours. It’s the Greenbelt Chapel, a beautiful sightseeing outdoor space of worship. The lush greenery landscape surrounding a huge man-made pond picks up a better spot for you to unfold a long chat with your loved one. Although it is kept open always, masses are held only at a certain time of the day.        

Atelier Vivanda Manila.

Do you still fly to France for a romantic dinner? Now it’s the time to give up that and take a visit to Atelier Vivanda Manila. For a non-veg-loving couple, this is a perfect choice. The menu itself looks mouth watering especially with sliced smoked beef and persille Black Angus. Overall this is a restaurant in Manila that holds a French theme and ideal for couples. Not only for a romantic dinner but also a signature cocktail, Atelier Vivanda Manila is the best place to go.      

Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant.

What about a candlelight dinner in Manila? Found an ideal place to go? I’ll suggest a unique spot, it’s Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant. Since it is showcased as an old house found at the far end of a cobblestone road in a peaceful village, you and your partner will feel just as you’re at home. Ambience will be cosy which is enhanced by the good smell of tasty French-Mediterranean cuisine. Remember, buy your fiancé a new attire before the visit!   

Spiral at Sofitel Manila.

Want to give your loved one something? How about a luxury buffet dining experience? It’s a good selection. Spiral at Sofitel Manila is the best place to go for this kind of thing!. Its menu would be eye-opening as well as mouth-opening with almost 350 international dishes from Asian, Indian and European cuisine! Even the interior looks amazing and elegant. Accompany your partner to a Cheese Room, which is an isolated space, whose freshness is maintained by cheese kept everywhere!