Top 10 Voguish High Waisted Bikini Bottoms For Your Vacation

Bikini is always in trend and if you are about to be on a vacation to a beach then you would search for that perfect bikini for sure. Bikini trends keep on changing but the high waist bikini seems to be in trend always. No matter how you like your bikini to be but you should at least own one high waist bikini for sure. The best thing about a high waist bikini is that it suits all body shapes rather it enhances body structures which is a great thing. There are so many different kinds of high waist bikini available but you need to get the best in this case. Here are some of the best high waist bikini bottoms that you can have for your next vacation:

Simple color block high waist bikini:

If you like to dress up classy then this kind of bikini would be best for you. There is nothing blinding about this bikini but it looks so elegant that you can even carry it to a night pool party. People would compliment your look if you would choose this high waist bikini bottom for you. Here the bottoms would cover up the waist so even if there is any bulging fat then this bikini bottom would cover it up. You would get this in block colors so there would be only one color in either piece. 

The black and white high waist bikini:

Black and white is the classic combination that can never go wrong. If you don’t want to take any chance then you should go for this combination. Here you can have this is block color as well so the upper piece would be in white and the bottom would be black color or vice versa. You can also go for designs in such kind of bikini but there would be no other color other than black and white.

The hint of color in the high waist bikini:

If you want to move up from basic block colors but there would not be too much color in your bikini then this would be best for you. Here the bottom would be in block color and the upper piece would have some pop of colors. You can go for a variety of prints in this case but going for leaves and flowers would prove to be best for you. You can choose different designs of the upper piece as the availability is wide.

How about a green and white basic high waist bikini?

The combination of white and green color is in trend these days and you would see this combination in lots of places. White is one such color that compliments almost all other colors and green looks really bring if combined with white. Here the entire high waist bikini would be in white color and there would be prints of green color. This bikini would give a nice summer vibe and it would compliment almost all skin colors which are great.

Mismatched comfortable high waist bikini:

This might not look like those typically beautiful bikinis but this one would be really comfortable. If the main motive is to wear something cool and comfortable then this type of high waist bikini would be best for you. Here you would not get this bikini as a set but you have to create this. You can wear any high waist bottom and pair it up with a crop top of your choice. 

How about a hint of pink with black and white?

Pink would always amaze and it is even soothing to the eyes so you can have this color in your high waist bikini. You can have the upper piece of your bikini in white and black color combination but for the bottom, you can choose a pink color. The bottom of the high waist bikini would be in pink color and this combination would look great for sure.

A satin high waist bikini for your next vacation:

Satin would always impress you and if you would get a satin high waist bikini then that would be great. This would make you look elegant without putting in any effort. This is one such type of high waist bikini that you can pull in the day as well as at night time which is amazing.

Go for patterns in this case:

Patterns work to correct any body shape issue and if you are conscious about your shape then going for patterns would be safe for you. If you would go for stripes then that would have you look slim and tall. If you want to look plump then you can go for zic-zac patterns.

The addition of tones of blue would be great:

We wear a bikini to either a pool or to the beach so if you would have tones of blue in your bikini then that would be great. You would look like the bright blue sky. Here you can either go for different combinations of the blue color or get blueprints on a white high waist bikini.

How about a fluorescent high waist bikini?

If you want to be in the limelight of the beach then it would be great for you to invest in a good fluorescent high waist bikini. This would make you look blinding and even if you would not put effort then also people would notice you for sure.

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