Seven Best Dry Herb Vaporizers For Rookies

With the recent wave of legalization taking over the entire world, cannabis has managed to become a household name. While people are looking for different ways to make the most of the herb, vaping continues to be the best choice. A dry herb vaporizer is a compact device that can allow you to heat dried cannabis flowers and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

Are you a beginner and want to try your hand at dry herb vaping? Do you wonder which vaporizer to invest in? Keep reading to find out the best dry herb vaporizers suitable for rookies.

Which are the best dry herb vaporizers you can try?

Vaping is the one trend that has been dominating the world for quite some time now. Numerous different vaping devices are entering the market every day to meet the sudden rise in popularity. It can become a difficult task to find a suitable vaporizer among the wide choice, especially if you’re only a beginner. You can visit herbonaut.com to learn more about the fascinating world of vaping.

Here are seven dry herb vaporizers that can suit your needs:

1.       Pax 3:

No list of best dry herb vaporizers is complete without mentioning Pax 3. It is a stealthy vaping device that is ideal for both concentrates and herbs. What makes it stand out against the competitors is the highly sleek design, ensuring it fits right inside your pocket. It weighs only 93 grams, and you can easily carry and use it while you’re on the go. The Pax 3 can heat within 15-20 seconds using the highly innovative lip sensing technology. 


The device also comes equipped with a better battery that allows you to vape for 1-1.5 hours easily. If you want to customize your experience of vaping cannabis, you can easily do so using the mobile application.

2.       Davinci IQ:

Davinci is now a renowned name in the vaping industry. While Davinci IQ is only their third product, it is among the best portable herb vaporizers. It features a sleek aluminum design that features a LED grid display. Besides the impeccable design, the vaporizer also boasts of excellent performance. It produces delicious vapor from the ceramic heating chamber through the conduction heating system. The display lets you know the battery, temperature, and other settings, making it ideal for beginners. It enables one to control the airflow and temperature to control the entire experience.


3.       Arizer Solo 2:

An upgrade to the original Solo, the Arizer Solo 2 is a stellar device that comes at an affordable price. It is emerging as a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts owing to the impressive battery life. With fully charging it once, you can use the device for three hours continuously, which is the longest in any vaporizer. It comes with a ceramic and stainless steel heating system that ensures you get dense and delicious vapor. The long glass air path will keep the vapor cool till it reaches the mouthpiece. You can go from dry herb to vapor within 20 seconds. It has simple digital controls that you can use easily.

4.       Mighty:

The Mighty vaporizer has been reigning in the industry for four years since its release. It is a potent device that produces vapor similar to any high-end desktop vaporizer. With each drag, you can get smooth and powerful vapor. It is ideal for rookies because of the simplicity of use. The vaporizer has a screen featuring up and down controls for temperature. 

The unique built-in safety feature will automatically turn off the device in case you forget to do so. It uses a balance of convection and conduction heating system, patented by the renowned Storz & Bickel. The long battery life will let you use it for over 2 hours without any interruptions.  

5.       Firefly 2+:

Even though the vaping industry has been evolving continually, only a few devices have managed to come with a device allowing you to vape both concentrates and herbs. The Firefly 2+ is not just compatible, but it performs an excellent job. It is an improvement on the original Firefly device and has a better battery life and charging. You can charge 80% within 20 minutes. Since it heats up quickly, you don’t have to wait around to use it.

6.       Crafty+:

If you’re looking for a smaller and affordable version of the Mighty, the Crafty+ is ideal for you. It is a favorite among new vaping enthusiasts because it is easy to use and comes with a mobile app. The little draw resistance, along with the fast heat-up time, makes it the best portable vaporizer today. With improved battery life, you can enjoy vaping for around 90 minutes with a full charge. 

The pass-through charging allows you to use the device even while it’s on charging. Made from the finest materials, it can produce dense, clean, and flavorful vapor with terpenes’ notes.  

7.       Vapium Lite:

The ones searching for a budget vaporizer that is also powerful can opt for the Vapium Lite. With the ease of use and plentiful features, it works well as a beginner’s vape. It has a thin and long body that you can carry around in your pocket. Three buttons power the device and regulate temperature settings. The LED display right below it displays the current power level and temperature settings. Vapium Lite can offer you a dense, strong, and flavorful hit in every drag.


Final Thoughts

Your entire vaping experience depends on the vaping device you choose. Choosing a suitable dry herb vaporizer will help you enjoy the benefits of cannabis, whether it is recreational or medicinal. To hop on to the trend of vaping dried cannabis flowers, you can invest in any of the vaporizers given above. Get your hands on it today and enjoy vaping. However, before incorporating any vape juice into your device, consult an experienced professional. In such a way, it would be more straightforward for you to know which device and the dry herb are best for you.