Luxury Gifts For the Man in Your Life

If the man in your life has a big day coming up and you are stumped for presents, consider some of the luxury items in the following categories for inspiration.


For the Fancy Dresser

Some men dress as comfortably and as casually as possible; others dress fashionably and meticulously. There is a whole world of unusual accessories for someone who takes a lot of pride in his appearance. We can get men's shirts sale online on many brands that offer men's shirts and ties with a comprehensive selection. These collections offer a vast selection of men's unique and personal styles with great quality. There are also many imaginative accessories you can find for him that he may not even have heard of before.


One such item is engraved collar stays for his nicest shirts. There are many locations on the internet where you can purchase sterling silver or stainless steel stays and have them engraved. Either go for his initials or a saying special to the two of you.


If you want to go all out, browse for men's jewelry at one of the really prestigious jewelry companies, not your local department store. After choosing a gift like that, however, you might want to start thinking about getting a home safe to keep it in, especially if another such purchase might happen in the future.


For the Romantic Soul

There are many choices for a romantic partner. One really special gift is to turn a favorite photo of the two of you into a work of art. Digital photos can be printed on glass or even canvas to make them look like paintings. For the cuddly type, consider a photo blanket for chilly nights.


Do the two of you have a special place that is always your favorite destination? He might love a customized bracelet or necklace with the coordinates of your special location engraved on it. Jewelry can also be customized with sand or soil from your favorite place contained in it.


For the Avid Driver

If you suspect that your man loves his car almost as much as he loves you, he would no doubt be really pleased by some thoughtful customized accessories for it. Another idea is a precious metal key fob. If he tends to lose his car keys, though, you might want to accompany his gift with a tracking device. Don't forget a pair of high-end driving glasses: darker lenses for driving during the day, and those with a yellow tint for night driving.

For a whisky drinker

There are numerous times when you have been stressed out regarding finding the best gift for several gifting occasions across the year. Most people appreciate personalized gifts as it makes them feel so special. But if your partner enjoys mixing drinks, get him a present that has all the necessary ingredients. A bottle of alcoholic beverage, wine glasses, shot and whisky glasses, stirrers, and measuring cups may all be included in this. This will prove to be one of the best gifts for whisky drinkers and will give the recipient a wonderful feeling and long-lasting memories.


For the Gadget Nerd

Gadgets aren't really necessary but they make a lot of people really happy. No doubt one of the most beautiful and fascinating weather gadgets is a new invention called the Tempescope, which is basically a small glass box for your home that shows you the weather. The box creates fog, rain and even lightning depending on the day's forecast so all he'll need to do is look in that direction to see what the day has in store.


There have always been plenty of kitchen tools, but there are always new and interesting ones for your aspiring chef. Consult a list of the newest ones and try buying several and presenting them in a new pot or mixer.

Of course, the ultimate in the gadget world is a multipurpose pocket knife that includes everything from a toothpick to a saw.


For the Toiletries Borrower

Does your guy use your skincare? Maybe it's time he had his own formula. Fill out a questionnaire on behalf of the man in your life at one of these customization sites and surprise him with his own products. They will most likely work better for him and you get to keep yours to yourself. Consider ordering a custom scent for him while you're at it. That way he won't smell quite like any other man out there.


Whether he shaves with a blade or electric razor, some high end or classic shaving tools and products will be appreciated. If he doesn't shave, think about beard products, something you may have not even known existed.


For the Fitness Buff

There is a lot to choose from for fitness fanatics. Some extremely cool exercise innovations are available now.

If your partner is often desk-bound, choose an under-desk pedaling or elliptical machine. For the very active exerciser, there are almost magical devices like a mirror that lets the user join a live class or watch a pre-recorded one.


A fluffy and absorbent robe might be just the thing for him to relax in after his post-workout shower. Try to find one like the kind in fancy hotel rooms and have his initials embroidered on it.

In case he prefers to work out at the gym, there are lists of interesting items that might make his routines even better.

With just a little research and some brainstorming, you can amaze and thrill the man in your life when the next gift-giving event rolls around.