Interesting Ways to Enhance Your Escape Room Experience

Entertainment doesn’t need to be confined to watching television, a film, or enjoying music in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes, it can be delightful just to work the old noggin and solve a mystery or two. Sure, you can do that in a book or a video game, but nothing beats being physically there and getting in touch with real items to elevate the experience.

This is where the growing area of Orlando escape rooms like Lockbusters come into play. That is right; whether you are a hesitant first-timer or a veteran of escaping mysteriously locked rooms, every attempt is always a blast. 

You can be transported into a whole new world, or be stumped by a challenging set of riddles and puzzles. When it comes to Escape Games having your best friends around you can help, with group dynamics a big part of the enjoyment. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. However, that might not be the case all the time.

So while you are figuring out who is your best team of detectives, here are some of the more interesting methods in which you can enhance the enjoyment of your virtual escape room experience in San Fransisco.

Interesting Ways to Enhance Your Escape Room Experience

Keeping the communications open

The first rule of any escape room experience is getting familiar with the lay of the land. With every item in the room being of potential importance, the last thing you want is to miss the vital key to a puzzle. 

In that sense, everyone in the team needs to share what they can see. Are there locks? Hidden items? Secret messages? Every single detail can be important, and letting each other know what’s there is equally as important. 

By ensuring everyone is working on the same wavelength, your chances of success are instantly increased. Do not get too focused on your task too, be sure to check in with each other, talk things out, and that puzzle might just be solved on its own. Being quiet is a surefire way to crash any escape room adventure.

Help each other out

As pointed out, everyone can have a different perspective when it comes to things. Some of us are better at spotting secrets, others at physical manipulation of objects. There are certain areas that we are just better at. In this sense, teams must work on complementing each others’ skill sets rather than just focus on your task.

Continually trying and failing can be a harsh blow to anyone’s confidence. Sometimes, a fresh eye might just unlock something new. There is no room for ego here; you are working together to solve a mystery. The better you are at helping each other out, the better the team is working in tandem.

Maintaining calm

Of course, if it is overly noisy and chaotic, no one can get anything done. Sure, the pressure of time and frustration of puzzles can be detrimental to maintaining calm and focus, but that is the experience’s whole point. Only by going above all of that can you truly appreciate the work that has gone into any escape room.

Do not get overly distracted. Stay calm and collected. Everyone there should be excited about their tasks, and not excessively flustered or frustrated at each other. This is supposed to be fun, not life-threatening. Keep it that way, and you will be fine.

Embrace simplicity

We can tend to overthink when it comes to an escape room. It is, by design, supposed to keep you guessing all the time. However, that might not always be the case. We all want to be experts at solving puzzles, resulting in overly complicated solutions when the answer can be straightforward. 

When you find yourself trying to attempt a crazy solution at something, hold back. Try the simple solution instead. If it does not work out, then by all means, go crazy. Otherwise, you just might be wasting precious time when the task could have been completed ages ago.

Organization above all else

Having someone or the team that values foresight will do you wonders in an escape room. When everyone is off doing something, the overall goal can be lost at times. Have someone take note of the time being used and the various tasks that are being done. 

Keys have to go somewhere, passwords unlock certain stuff, and it will all be useless if you cannot even keep track of what goes where. It may not be the most fun of jobs, but it is integral to the team’s success. A good, organized group is a nightmare for any puzzle room.

Utilize your hints

The purists might balk at it, but there are hints to be used for every escape room. So if there is anything in particular that is stumping the team, just use the hints provided. It can save you time, grief, and most importantly, get you moving to the next stage. 

Not everyone will have the right answers or thinking for every escape room. Using a hint or two will aid your enjoyment.

It is very important to remember you are there to have fun at the end of the day. Success or not, an escape room is a great team activity that should bring people together. If you have a great group of friends or family, and have the right attitude, you will find that escape rooms are an excellent way to spend time together while working your brains.