How to Start Dating Again During COVID-19

Whether you have taken a break due to a breakup or COVID-related reasons, jumping back into the dating scene after a dry spell can be tough. However, a lot of people feel anxious when they decide to start dating again. Check out these tips on how to jumpstart your love life during COVID-19. 

Refresh Your Look

If you haven’t shopped in a while due to the pandemic, you may need to refresh your wardrobe. Make sure you have all the essentials that can help you feel confident.  In addition, tackle any insecurities you have about your physical appearance. Are you worried about thinning hair? There are treatment options available online to help you stop hair loss

Take Your Mental Health Seriously 

Before you start going on dates again, you should check in to see how you’re doing mentally. This pandemic has been tough on everyone and it's more than necessary to prioritize your mental health. If you’re not doing well mentally, you should make some lifestyle changes. You can start doing new hobbies such as exercising, playing sports, and making yourself delicious, healthy meals. 

Think About What You Want From A Partner

Chances are you have an idea about what your ideal mate is like. With quarantine, you may have some more time on your hands to think about this ideal partner: What are their core values? What should they want from life? Whether you have these conversations with yourself, friends, family members, or your therapist, it’s important to contemplate what you’re looking for. 

Update Your Dating Profiles and Social Media

Many people have found their life partners online and now that’s difficult to have face to face interactions, dating apps are a great option. Though there’s only so much you can communicate digitally, you should want your dating profile to reflect your awesomeness. This means choosing pictures that are flattering and including interesting facts about your life in your bio. Avoid having group photos or pictures with your ex — that’s a whole can of worms you don’t want to open. On another note, update your social media if you haven’t posted in a while. 


Dating can be accelerating and fun but it also can be really frustrating. The key is to roll with the punches and not get too stressed. This is supposed to be an adventure. Whether or not you start a new relationship immediately, you’re giving yourself a chance to love again and that’s what is important. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Prioritize Health and Safety

Dating during the pandemic isn’t impossibile. However, there are things you should do to prioritize the health and safety of you, your partner, and everyone around you. Start off by doing a FaceTime or Zoom call and generally avoid meeting indoors. For the first dates, do an outdoor activity like hiking or having a picnic. Before organizing your date, take a look at your city’s COVID-19 regulations and see what you’re allowed to do. A key part of navigating this pandemic is communication. Talk to your date about what they are comfortable with doing. 

Ask your partner about the last time they were tested for COVID-19 and if they have been around anyone who has tested positive for it. You should also ask them about when they have been tested for STDs/HIV, preferred methods of protection, and if they have been sexually intimate with anyone else lately. 

Though it can be a little awkward at times, you will certainly get back into the swing of things if you approach dating with an open mind. Make sure you’re keeping up with COVID-19 guidelines and have some fun!