How to Choose the Perfect Size of Sexy Lingerie

There is no shortage of women’s lingerie in the markets, and they come in all shapes and sizes. However, sexy lingerie is different from everyday styles and is known for having the power to enhance your sexuality. 

Spice up your sex life wearing luxurious and sultry lingerie on your special date nights. From baby dolls to corsets and bustier, there are different types of sexy lingerie available to transform your body in the most feminine and sensuous way. 

Why Does Sizing Matter the Most?

Apart from choosing the right style, the major concern you might have while buying lingerie is to find the perfect size that will fit and flatter your body. While purchasing lingerie, no one size fits all. Sizing is an essential thing that needs attention while buying lingerie to save yourself from buying ill-fitted lingerie. 

Some women may be larger on top but small on bottom and vice versa. For this, both bra and panty sizing matters when choosing the perfect size of sexy lingerie. Whether it is your first-time buying lingerie or planning to add more seats to your lingerie collection, having a little knowledge about choosing the perfect size can help you get the perfect fit. 

Sexy lingerie with the right fit will enhance your look and bring out your inner sexiness. 

Body Type

For choosing the perfect size of lingerie, you need to determine your body type. Ill-fitted lingerie can make you feel uncomfortable and also make you less appealing when you want things to get hot in the bedroom. If you pick lingerie that is too small for your size, you will end up showing your bulges, while a too big size will look loose. 

For fuller women, plus-sized lingerie is specifically designed to flatter those beautiful curves. Get seductive and pick your lingerie to fit your body shape showing off your most attractive assets. 

Measurement for the Right Fitting Bra

Lingerie sizing is not the same for different brands, and you need to rely on your measurements. Obviously, you want to find something perfect for your body and lifts your sex appeal. Measure accurately to know your exact size, which will ensure getting perfectly fitting lingerie. 

You can take the help of someone to ensure the tape measure is held properly. The measurement should be taken while standing up straight and relaxed with arms dangling at the sides. Your bust and under bust measurement will help you determine your bra size. 

Under Bust

Measure your underbust, which is the area directly under the breasts and just around the rib cage. It is the area where the band of the bra will sit and give you a supportive fit. Take note of the measurement and add 4 inches if the number is even. If the number is odd, add 5 inches. The resultant will be the band size. 


Use a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust with your arms down, keeping the measure straight across your back. The tape measure should be snug and not tight. While measuring, it is advisable not to wear a padded or minimizer style of bra. The measurement you get has to be subtracted from the band size, which will give your cup size. 

Measurement for the Right Fitting Panties

Your panty size will be different from that of your pant size. For ultimate comfort, accurate measurement of your waist and hips is essential. 


Measure by wrapping the tape measure snugly around the waist. Consider the narrowest point around your torso while measuring the waist. It is slightly below the place where you usually wear your pants. 


For the hips, measure across the widest part around your hips. Ensure the tape measure runs parallel to the waistline around the body and is snug and not tight. 

Now you are done. Match your measurements with the sizing chart of the lingerie brand to know your size. In case your measurements are in between, you can pick the next larger size. Sexy Lingerie options are available in sizes- One size, XS, Small, Medium, Large, and X-large. Plus size lingerie is available in these sizes - One size, 1/2X, 3/4X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X. 

Flaunt your assets and feel confident and comfy wearing the perfect size lingerie. The above guide on choosing the ideal size will make it easy for you to pick out a few or more sets of sexy undies like a pro. Buy something you will love to wear and make you feel good. Experiment trying on different lingerie styles and look alluring on the special romantic nights perfect to surprise your partner.