How a Simpler Life Brings More Fulfillment and Peace

The constant overwhelm and stress that comes with living in a materially focused society seems unavoidable, but a new way of life can be accomplished. Many people have chosen to pursue a simple life and, when you learn about the benefits of simple living, perhaps you'll want to consider it too. It is a different way of looking at the world that's almost opposite of what the media has to say, but if you find a like-minded community, who have the same goals as you, you'll find it a little easier to travel this lesser walked path.

Sustainable Living Practices

Simple living allows space in your mind for you to think about the environment and how what you buy affects the planet. A simple living mindset focuses more on quality than quantity, so searching for well-made, organic and fair-trade items becomes natural. Whether buying solar panels, purchasing a new car or updating a wardrobe, instead of focusing on the affordability of an item in the moment, the focus is on the lifetime cost of the item. Will it last and save energy in the future leading to less overall expense?

Higher Creativity

Without the constant drain of stress, your mind opens up to creativity. Hobbies that you pursued as a child may come rushing back to the forefront of your mind and you'll have the time to practice again. Maybe you've always wanted to write or paint and didn't feel confident enough in the past. With a simple living mindset you can have the mental ability to explore and experiment without relying on the results for your satisfaction, but the journey itself.

Increased Gratitude

In a materialistic society, the focus is always on getting more or bigger things. Once you've reversed that thinking and notice the things you do have, gratitude increases. You'll also be more aware of the people in your life and the relationships you're grateful for as well as the relationships you need to let go of. Those with a simple living mentality have a greater ability to set boundaries, which leads to a healthier version of you.

More Focus

When you simplify the activities in your life and decrease the clutter surrounding you, your brain has the ability to focus more clearly. Instead of constantly on overload with future-thinking, like what you need to buy or what you need to prepare for an event or where you need to be, your brain can stay in the present moment. This allows you to accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently than ever before, reaching goals and hitting deadlines without feeling overwhelmed.

Financial Independence

When you buy less, your savings automatically increases, leading to a healthy bank account for yourself and a legacy for generations to come. Instead of coming to the end of your life wondering where your money went, you'll have a plethora of experiences to remember.

Spiritual Growth

Living in the present moment allows space for meditation, prayer and other spiritual growth practices. The world will look different to you and you'll begin to wonder what your purpose is. Exploring your inner self can become a delightful practice to engage in through journaling, yoga and nature.

All of these benefits add up to one major one, which is less stress. With lower stress levels, your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will improve. When something life-changing does come up, you will have the capacity to handle it without a major outburst. With a higher capacity for peace and present moment living, each season of life will bring more clarity, focus and energy to your life, allowing you to experience life to the fullest and satisfy your deepest needs.