How A Clean Home Helps In Achieving Positive Mental Health

Keeping a clean and tidy home can feel like a tedious task for a few of us. But did you know some people enjoy cleaning? They claim that it helps them to feel relaxed and acts as a stressbuster.  

While it might seem slightly odd, recent studies suggest that there might be a link between a clean home and positive mental health. Here we will explore a few ways a clean home improves mental health and induces positivity in your lives. 

It Is An Effective Way To De-Stress

A study from 2009 suggests that cleaning the house can be a good activity to destress. Removing the dirt, dust, and organizing helps you to feel relaxed and calmer at home. Clutter can increase anxiety and stress and put a lot of negative thoughts and emotions. After having a stressful day, walking into a home that does not provide a relaxing and comfortable environment could increase your stress levels. It is a great alternative to resorting to medications, for managing anxiety. Other easy and healthy alternatives include trying CBD gummies, CBD balms, using glass rose tube

Cleaning helps to reduce the feeling of worry or paranoia and makes you feel lighter and calm. Removing clutter helps eliminate negative emotions, thoughts, or bad experiences attached to particular objects that might contribute to your stress. 

It Can Improve Social Image

We all love to invite friends and family over for special occasions, parties, and dinners. We spend hours analyzing every detail, from décor to dining, to create an ideal environment for the event. But having a messy and cluttered home can affect your social confidence. It could induce anxiety about being unable to impress your guests by flaunting a clean, gorgeous, and happy home.

Having a clean home can be the easiest way to elevate your social confidence. You can welcome your guests into a beautiful environment that is impressively clean and hospitable. If you are stressed out about preparing your home for special events, we recommend professional services such as Woodard home cleaning for the best cleaning experience. 

It Can Improve Your Mood

Cleaning can be a meditative task that can help practice mindfulness. It helps improve your focus and stay in the moment and stops your thoughts from wandering. The task’s mindlessness makes it easy to multitask or simply relax by dancing with the mop and soak in some wonderful music. Cleaning can induce the same energy as that of most physical activity, which leads to the release of endorphins. These chemicals can make you feel happy, content, and relaxed. They can also alter the perception of physical and emotional pain in your brain and enhance positivity. 

While you get to relish the sense of satisfaction from transforming your living space into a comfortable and clean environment, you also get to destress, relax, and become happy in the process. A clean home has a refreshing smell that is quite pleasing for your olfactory senses, making you feel comfortable and cheerful. 

It Elevates Focus And Productivity 

Dirt and clutter can be a distraction that could severely affect your productivity at home. Imagine trying to finish a project report surrounded by piles of paper, old wrappers, pizza boxes, dirty clothes, old dishes in the sink. Your brain starts to focus on the clutter instead of the job at hand, causing you to feel overwhelmed and anxious while trying to work. All these irrelevant tasks will start to occupy the capacity of your brain, thus reducing your productivity.

If you are struggling to complete your work at home due to a lack of focus, cleaning your house can effectively organize the perfect work environment. A study from Princeton suggests that a clean house can reduce stress levels and distraction to improve focus. You can get your work done faster and better, thus improving productivity. So, start by cleaning out your desk and surroundings for a peaceful and clutter-free environment.

It Can Be Healthy For Your Relationships

Sharing a living space with others can be challenging if the place is cluttered and dirty. Whether you live with family or friends, having a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, empty bottles in the fridge, dirty laundry lying around can lead to resentment. The clutter might cause you to misplace some important stuff and also increase stress levels while at home.  Your roommate or spouse may not be comfortable living in the clutter, which could increase tension in your relationship. It could lead to arguments and fights among friends and family members. 

Taking responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the house is healthy for your mental wellbeing. You can share the household responsibilities to ensure that you don’t have to compromise and live in a dirty home. It can reduce arguments or blame for losing critical items in the house. It will also improve your relationship in the co-living space.

It Can Improve Quality Of Sleep 

Sleep is an essential factor for your mental health. Proper sleep ensures that you have the energy to face the day. It also improves focus and helps with your creativity. A dirty home can be a challenging environment to sleep in. The clutter surrounding your bed, along with the odd smell of the dirty things, can be distracting to allow you to relax and fall asleep. 

Cleaning your bedroom means you get to sleep in a fresh and comfortable environment. Freshly laundered sheets and pillow cover can do wonders to make you feel at ease and calm to fall asleep faster. Decluttering the space will allow clean air that can improve the quality of sleep effectively.


A clean home is a happy home. Keeping your house clean, clutter-free, and tidy can have a beneficial impact on your mental wellbeing. You will feel relaxed, focussed, and at ease. It will also help you develop robust relations with your friends and family by creating a positive environment. Create a cleaning routine and work with everyone at home to ensure your living space is dust and misery free.