Get Your Desired Tattoo While Traveling

Are you thinking about getting some ink while on your travels? Maybe as a permanent souvenir, a reminder or your journey, or even a homage to the culture of the country you’re visiting, there are plenty of great reasons to get tatted up while traveling.

If you’re already away and searching for “tattoo shops near me,” there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you walk into the parlor.

In this article, we will give you a brief rundown of the precautions and safety steps you need to take, as well as a few ideas on what you should choose. Let’s get into it.


Why get a tattoo while traveling?

For some people, the first thing they do when they arrive in a new city is to whip out their phone and search “tattoo shops near me” in the hope of finding a top-rated tattoo shop to get their latest addition. But why get a tattoo while traveling? Well here are a few of the main reasons:


  • It’s a great souvenir and a reminder of your amazing trip
  • You can get something to signify and capture the culture of the place you visited
  • There may be some very skilled tattooists in the country you are visiting
  • The price could be considerably lower 
  • Traveling is usually a good place to get inspiration for a new design

Does it follow risks?

As with anything, there are risks present. The main concern for most people who wish to get a tattoo while on vacation is around health and cleanliness. We have all heard the horror stories of people contracting life-threatening diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C from using dirty needles. 


On top of this, there is a high chance your tattoo can become damaged or even infected shortly after it’s completed while traveling. This is largely down to a lack of care and personal hygiene while on the road, or even damage from the sun or swimming pool chemicals. 


Important precautionary steps:

  • Health and safety

Be sure to vet both the tattooist and the studio before you arrive. Check the reviews online via multiple sources and try and ask a local too. Even better, ask another traveler who has already visited the studio.


A great tip is to go into the studio and have a chat with the tattooist before you book an appointment. That way, you can get a feel for the place, and you can ask them about their health and safety precautions before you book. Avoid any shops that appear to have red flags.


  • Be careful of sunburn

When your tattoo is fresh, it is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage. Sunlight and UV rays will damage a fresh tattoo and bleach the dark ink, making your tattoo look old and faded. 


Keep new tattoos out of the sun as much as possible, and make sure you put a high factor of sun cream on it at all times.


  • Be aware of the aftercare routine

Be ready to apply moisturizer to your new tattoo morning, noon and night to try and keep it moist and prevent it from cracking up too soon. All tattoos will eventually crack and peel, but it’s important to try and minimize this so you can get the best results.


  • Be careful of tourist price hikes

In a lot of countries, you will find that there is one price for locals and another for international tourists. While this is to be expected (especially in very poor countries), you should keep an eye on it and try to agree on a price with the tattooist beforehand.


Most of the time, tattooists will be happy to give you a price per hour, so make sure this fits your budget and is within a realistic price for your location. Getting a new tattoo while traveling can be an exciting and memorable experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Just make sure you choose a great design and keep the safety precautions listed in this article in mind.