Enjoy the Sun in The Bahamas

For a splendid vacation at the seashore, with a refreshing cocktail in your hand a bright smile on your face, the Bahamas should be your go-to-place. The fun is never-ending in the little country situated within the Lucayan Archipelago, and with Jettly flights (or any other luxury service) you can arrive in style.

Enjoy the marine life that the island has to offer you, along with a variety of activities that would surely be worth the time and trip. The Bahamas is known especially for its beaches and how you are more than welcome to explore it through snorkeling or scuba diving. 

Aside from that, however, it also offers activities on land, such as sightseeing historical places and exploring nature along with its wildlife. You can have fun not only on the waters but on the land, as well!

We have listed down a few of the most exciting activities in the Bahamas, should you still not have decided on what you would like to visit first. Take a brief trip to the little island with our list and know what you think you would enjoy among it.

  1. Swim with pigs in Exuma

Sure, we have seen cats and dogs wander along the seashore. Birds are not new, and horseback riding has been done frequently along the sand. However, Pigs are new—you would not really see a pig that often around the beach, would you? What makes it more exciting, too, is that you could really swim with the cute little creatures!

  1. Plunge into the water with dolphins

If you have had fun after swimming with the pigs but still got some energy left, then you should try swimming with dolphins this time. You can spend the day with friendly bottlenose dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island and play with them for as long as you wish. Whether the sun is out, or the rain is pouring down, the dolphins are still looking forward to spending some playtime with you! 

  1. See the fishes in a mini-submarine

If you are thinking of a huge submarine, then erase that image instead of thinking of a rather small yellow headgear, big enough to fit your head in and let you breathe. This activity lets you breathe underwater and be at one with the marine life; you will be given the proper gear to breathe, all while your lower body is still unshielded and will still get wet.

  1. Marvel at the beauty of Versailles Gardens of the Bahamas

Prepare your cameras, as you are sure to take a lot of picture-taking in the Versailles Gardens of the Bahamas. Its beauty is incomparable to any other, filled with flowers, pillars, terraces, and even statues of men of important status, such as Hercules, who is one of the most famous known heroes from mythology. The sight will do nothing else but take your breath away.

  1. Relax at the Garden of the Groves

Surround yourself with the wonder of nature at the Garden of the Groves, and let yourself be captivated by myriads of trees, waterfalls, and small streams. If you have children with you, they can spend time at the playground nearby, while you can enjoy peace and quiet at the small chapel within the garden. After, you can fill your stomachs with delicious food at the Garden café and bar.

  1. Go back in time at the Forts of Nassau

To take a break from the sea and sunshine, you should try and check out this historic place. These forts were built during the 17th century when the pirates and British tried to preside over the Bahamas. The infrastructure was a remnant of how the people of the Bahamas fought back and is now a tourist attraction of the place. You can have a deeper insight into the history of the Bahamas with its guided tours.

  1. Visit Lucayan National Park’s underwater caves

You will miss out on many wonders if you do not visit the underwater cave at Lucayan National Park. It is filled with greenery, such as countless trees and mangroves, along with its ever-famous underwater caves. You need to get special permission if you wish to swim in these caves, just know that sightseeing and its wildlife is always free.