CBD Concentrates: Crystal vs crumble

CBD Concentrates: Crystal vs crumble

The CBD industry is not lacking in pioneers. The industry is constantly evolving and developing with innovative new solutions to old problems. Full-spectrum, terpene infused CBD crystals and crumbles have revolutionised the CBD market and taken the CBD experience up to new levels of experience. These developments don’t seem to be slowing down either.

Terpene infused CBD crystals have only been around for a few years, but their popularity has been unmissable. Steam is used to distil certain fruits, such as tangerines, limes and cherries, to create an incredibly aromatic and essential CBD oil. There’s no denying the unmistakable power of these extracts, providing a terpene content of around 90% when fused with CBD isolate and creating a wonderfully aromatic, signature flavour. However, there are some hiccups. The extract often feels overpowering and can occasionally crackle when dabbing or used in a vaping pen, mainly because of the fruit’s impurities still clinging on. 

The brand HighKind was one of the first CBD companies to spot the deficiencies of CBD crystal distillation and shift to a different direction. The company moved their steam distillation department over to sunny Spain, where they began to put some of their favourite strains through the same equipment. The results were staggering. An incredibly complex and pure CBD oil cam out the other side, which maintained all the incredible aromas and terpene-rich flavours, without the crackling and unnecessary burning. With entourage effects and back to basic flavours, a new CBD product was born.

While CBD crystals are still in high demand due to their therapeutic benefits, they no longer have domination over other CBD concentrates. Their tasteless and odourless properties are devoid of terpenes any of the benefits of CBD crumble. The only other option back in 2016 was bad tasting full-spectrum concentrates that clogged up dabbing pens.

After yet more developments in CBD concentrates, a low THC, full-spectrum cannabis extract nad it’s way into the market as CBD crumble. This product is wonderfully aromatic, natural and organic, retaining all the good bits of the cannabis plants. 

What is the difference?

If you’re looking for the therapeutic option, CBD crumble is where you should be looking. The fact that it’s made from a full-spectrum extract means that you won’t be losing any of those wonderfully natural benefits. This crumble also has a recognisable hash flavour, which is an instant reminder of the cannabis plant. CBD crystals are a direct contrast due to their aroma-free and flavourless composition.

What is the definition of ‘full-spectrum’?Full-spectrum is a description of an extract which contains a variety of compounds working together synergistically. You might be asking how a full-spectrum extract can be called full-spectrum if it doesn’t contain any THC. It’s a good question - even without THC, the entire plant extract is rich with lots of different compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids and plant vitamins. CBD that has been isolated doesn’t compare to the health benefits of full-spectrum extract, even with additional terpenes from somewhere like Finest Labs added.

As such a burgeoning industry, the path that CBD is taking is incredibly exciting. Legalisation is occurring at a much quicker pace, opening more doors than we have time to enter. CBD concentrates are a fantastic way to level up your CBD experience and take it to a whole other world. Wherever you buy your CBD always make sure it’s all-natural. You can visit this website for CBD Concentrates.