Cannabis/CBD Companies Can Look for in 2021

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Cannabis and CBD companies have witnessed a drastic increase in their sales in the last couple of years. With the 2018 US Farm Bill and many other countries worldwide lifting their bans on specific products, the cannabis/CBD business started flourishing.

Consequently, well-known companies with decades of experience in the cannabis and CBD business suddenly faced harsh conditions, as younger and ambitious business owners became their competition. Now, there’s more than enough choice, ranging from local, family businesses to multinational companies and enterprises.

Previously, cannabis and CBD users had a problem finding the desired products, but they now have a different issue – which product to choose? So, now more than ever, cannabis and CBD business owners have to make smart decisions to keep their businesses up and perform well.

SEO 101

With the emergence of online shops, the majority of in-person stores forever closed their doors to customers. As most businesses moved to the virtual world and set their shops online, customers have many choices.

Companies that want to succeed and stay relevant or rise above other rival companies need to think about their business moves now more than before. That’s where SEO comes into play.

With SEO (search engine optimization), companies can target their primary audiences, attract new customers, keep the old ones, and improve their turnover. SEO does all of this without any fees, but it does require some additional education and insight into how it works to be successful.

As business owners already have the answer to most of the questions needed to optimize their websites, they can easily do this by themselves or by hiring a professional.

Essentially, SEO optimizes all information present on the website, including keywords, links, descriptions, and images to make them relevant and responsive to what the customers are currently looking for.

How to Implement This

Optimizing the website for it to become SEO-friendly can take some time and effort, but you can surely get the hang of some most important features. Once you implement these five steps, you’ll probably see a significant difference in traffic and turnout on your website.


Before starting anything, first, you need a business plan. Just like when you were starting your cannabis or CBD business, the first step was to make a plan and strategize your moves. Similarly, SEO requires strategizing, which includes gathering information about your customers, what they search for, what you offer, marketing, current trends, and how you can include all of these and wrap them up together. Best jobs for stoners can be found in various cannabis dispensaries.

Optimize the Content

One of the most important steps of SEO is optimizing the content on your webpage. First and foremost, this includes what keywords customers often use when searching for similar products. So, ensuring your webpage responds to any relatable words or phrases is a great way to start your optimization.

Next, you can further improve your website’s content by including relevant topics and trends from time to time, thus attracting new customers. Cannabis Backlinks, or links leading to some relevant pages by other websites, also prove to be quite useful.

Additionally, ensuring the high image quality and fast loading can be a decisive factor for many potential customers, so optimized product images are also a part of a successful SEO.

Finally, although not strictly related to the content, optimizing your website for all devices is crucial. It mostly includes mobile optimization, which will make your company equally approachable from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Know Your Audience

Knowing what your audience likes or dislikes is crucial for the business’s success, let alone a cannabis/CBD related one. So, keeping a trustworthy relationship with your most valuable asset can lead to some surprising turns regarding website traffic. Accomplish this by engaging your audience in several exciting activities unique to your brand, including quizzes, questionnaires, blog posts, and so on.

Some Additional Tips

However, although SEO is one of the leading factors influencing a business’s success, there are some additional activities your company can benefit from.

For example, marketing has always been important for businesses. As cannabis and CBD can’t opt for traditional marketing methods using internet ads, TV, radio, or billboards, business owners need to get more creative.

If your goal is to improve your brand’s awareness, try collaborating with other cannabis or CBD businesses. Both companies get some visibility, and you’re supporting a similar business all at once. You’ll be surprised how often brands do this, and for a reason – it simply works!

Another tip is to organize giveaways or contact famous influencers. Both of these activities have excellent results, and you have to give so little in return. Do some research on which social network your audience is mostly using, and organize a giveaway! Many influencers will also gladly promote brands, but find out if they’re willing to promote a cannabis/CBD one!


In sum, SEO is a part of every well-standing business nowadays. Although optimizing and improving the visibility of a cannabis/CBD business might be trickier than usual, it’s still possible.

If you keep in touch with your customers and follow the latest trends, your business will flourish like never before!