Can CBD Oil Help Hair Loss and Alopecia?

Can CBD Oil Help Hair Loss and Alopecia?

Did you know that over 140 million people worldwide are affected by alopecia? Of this number, over 6.5 million reside in the US. As you seek different solutions for this condition, you can opt to try CBD for alopecia.

Alopecia is a condition that can affect anybody at any stage of life. It occurs in adults as well as children of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Once you’re diagnosed, it can be frustrating to control the hair loss, which affects your self-confidence.

But even after getting the diagnosis from your doctor, all hope is not lost. You can control the hair condition by using CBD for alopecia. Numerous CBD health benefits help you remain calm and hopeful even after clarifying that you have the disease.

For example, what if you could use CBD oil or shampoo to nourish and restore your hair? It’s possible to use certain CBD products for hair loss treatment. But as you know hair is quite a treasure so we cannot trust every other product to use for them. So what should we do? Well, we can contact various CBD wholesale companies or suppliers that supply cbd products specially designed for the hair treatments.

An Overview of Alopecia

For many people, hair loss is common and indicates the hair requires some special attention to return to normal. But if you suffer from this condition, it’s not as easy to get your hair back.

Normal hair loss causes vary and can indicate poor hair maintenance or stress in your body. Once you take up the necessary steps to combat it, it stops. As for alopecia, there’s no stopping the condition once it starts.

It’s an autoimmune disease that affects your immune system and causes hair loss in parts of your head. You end up with patches as follicles are attacked, resulting in hair loss.

Given the adverse nature of this condition, it’s essential to find a lasting natural remedy. If the disease is not too adverse, you can use CBD for alopecia to regrow your hair once more, as your hair follicles don’t die off. However, more aggressive cases result in complete loss leading to baldness. It's important to find out do CBD and THC ratios matter

Still, it’s important to note that there are different types of the condition.

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Types of Alopecia

1. Telogen Effluvium

Ever wondered why your hair seems to shed once you give birth to a newborn baby? It is a type of alopecia where your hair massively sheds and can lead to patches.

At this point, your body lacks certain nutrients and is stressed out, causing hair loss. By using CBD for alopecia, your body can relax and help it regrow. For example, you can try CBD syrup after checking out the CBD syrup review.

2. Alopecia Areata

1 in every group of 50 people experiences this type of alopecia. Your immune system views hair follicles as enemies and attacks them unknowingly. Here is where CBD hair products come in handy after learning how to use CBD oil for alopecia.

The good news is despite the hair loss, your hair follicles can regrow if your case is not severe, leading to complete baldness. But that doesn’t mean that the condition won’t recur again in your lifetime.

3. Traction Alopecia

While styling is a way to enhance your beauty, constant tagging of the hair can trigger this type of alopecia. So try not to braid or put on tight extensions often to avoid hair loss.

Though the loss is temporary, it can be massive if the condition is severe. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how hair loss treatment works in case this happens.

5. Androgenic Alopecia

Another term for this type of alopecia is male pattern baldness. Most men will suffer from this type in their lifetime, and there’s no reversing it. You can still use CBD for alopecia to slow down the process and help your hair remain stronger.

After grasping what the types of alopecia are, how can CBD help you with this condition?

Using CBD to Treat Alopecia

Does CBD oil work for alopecia?  Yes, it does help with the condition.

You can use CBD for alopecia though there’s still a need for more research on how beneficial CBD is.  It works to nourish your follicles, promoting growth.

Also, in cases of male pattern baldness, CBD can moisturize your hair and soothe your scalp. It makes it harder for hair to become weak and thin, leading to baldness. Also, you can use CBD products along with alopecia medication after consulting about the right CBD dosage.

All in all, CBD for alopecia can help soothe the symptoms, but it won’t stop the process.

In Conclusion

This is a condition with no end in sight as it affects the autoimmune system and attacks follicles. By using CBD for alopecia, you can enjoy less inflammation as it contains antioxidants.

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Author’s Bio: Rachel H.  has worked as a stylist for 2 years when she was a student. She holds a cosmetology certification and runs an online beauty products store. Rachel started blogging about alopecia when her sister lost her hair due to the condition. Now the two of them tour the country, educating more stylists on helping people suffering from alopecia.