Building a Conscious Living Space: 5 Tips to Bring Mindfulness to Interior Design

If there is anything that we have learned in 2020, it’s that our home can be a source of stress or it can be a source of blissful content. It all depends on the way we style our living environment and how we structure our life indoors. If you want 2021 to be better than last year, and if you want to elevate your mental health, then you need to invest time and effort into customizing your home and create a conscious living space. Because after all, the pandemic is not going anywhere, and we’re all going to spend a lot of time cooped up indoors.

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Quite the contrary, spending time in your home can be an amazing, rejuvenating experience. You only need to bring mindfulness through interior design to bring a calm oasis to life. Here are the five tips that will help you transform your home quickly to boost mental well-being.

Stick to a neutral color scheme

First things first, it all starts with the foundation of the space. You can consider the foundation to be the overall color scheme of the room. The foundation is also the amount of natural light that permeates the interior, and how the two interact with each other. If you want to create a more peaceful, mindful living environment, then the foundation needs to be peaceful and grounded as well. To achieve this, you should introduce a more neutral color scheme in every room.

If you’re up for a little weekend project, then you can repaint a room in a neutral hue such as white or off-white. If you’re not up for repainting, then you can always choose neutral accents and décor elements. These include neutral upholstery, tables, and chairs, and off-white curtains that let plenty of natural light saturate the room.

Go green and create a biophilic design

Nature plays a pivotal role in creating a serene interior design, which is why so many professional designers have begun adopting the biophilic approach in recent years. The biophilic design aims to bridge the gap between modern living and Mother Nature, and bring a natural oasis to life in your home. You can start by introducing various air-cleansing plants throughout the interior. Check how best to care for your plants while you’re away to keep them perky and healthy all year round.

Don’t just introduce greenery into the space, consider introducing other natural elements and materials as well. Choose reclaimed wood and pre-owned décor, and introduce bamboo, rattan, jute, and other sustainable materials into your home.

Focus on the floors to build a comfortable space

To bring a mindful interior to life, you have to connect to the ground, and ensure that the space radiates comfort and safety. This is best done through the floor, because comfortable feet build a comfortable mind and body. To create such a comfortable space, you should introduce comfy rugs in every room. Make sure that the rugs are made from sustainable materials as well, and that they complement the neutral foundation.

For example, New Zealand is one of the leaders in sustainability, and modern rugs from NZ are often made in an eco-conscious way by local artists from materials like hemp and jute, but also sustainable wool and cotton. Wherever you are, make sure to find rugs made out of these materials and use them to create a more comfortable living environment. 

Create zones for rest, peace, and positivity

During the pandemic, and especially if you’re in lockdown, it can be easy to become a couch potato. The couch is definitely the most alluring place when you have nothing to do, but that’s only because you haven’t made any dedicated zones for mindful activities. 

Consider redecorating and reorganizing your rooms to create zones for yoga, mindful meditation, reading, and creative work. Spread these zones throughout your home, even in the kitchen, and away from the TV and other devices. This will inspire you to really immerse yourself in these activities every day.

Use the Japandi style to create a sanctuary

Finally, you can always start decorating in the Japandi style to create a mindful, peaceful home. The essentials of the Japandi style include a more minimalist approach, a clutter-free interior, focal points in every room that complement neutral hues, nature, and plenty of sunlight. 

Japandi is a mix between the popular Scandi style and Japan’s traditional minimalist interior design that aims to bring mental clarity and zeal to your everyday life. Make these little changes in every room and you’ll have no problem imbuing your home with health and happiness.

Wrapping up

And there you go, your home reimagined and rejuvenated in a few simple steps. With these design tips at your side, your home will become a true sanctuary that will help you keep the stress out of your life in 2021.