Best Summer Hats for Women And Ways to Style Them

There is no question that as a fashion accessory, the hat has been a staple for centuries and this is for good reasons. It offers a wide variety of functionalities and can be worn on different occasions. Some hats are worn for professional purposes. For instance, the Toque hat is worn by chefs. Meanwhile, others like the cowboy hat simply protect you from the sun when out in the field. Moreover, some sports teams and brands create custom ball caps for athletic and marketing purposes. It is the culmination of all these functions that make the hat one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could own. So, we decided to take a look at some varieties of hats that are suitable for women. And describe how best they can be styled with different outfits.


  1. Beret


The beret originated from Europe and was initially worn as apart of military uniform. However, they eventually ended up in the public eye and came to be seen as a classy fashion staple for many women. They are essentially flat hats that have no brims and can be worn on the center of the head. Or tilted to either side of the head, if you prefer. They also tend to come made from a variety of materials. Some of which include; acrylic, wool, and even cotton. This makes them ideal even for the colder winter months. In terms of styling, it is best worn with formal outfits. As they would help accentuate an already sophisticated look. This means wearing pantsuits, blazers, or even pencil skirts. You should also avoid carrying a bag that is too big. Since that it would take attention away from the hat. This means going minimal with the extra accessories and simply opting for a simple clutch bag instead.


  1. Cowboy Hat


The cowboy hat may not be extremely popular, but it has made its appearance multiple times on and off the runway. And if you have the confidence, this can be the perfect accessory to carry along on your summer road trip or holiday. They are also highly effective when it comes to sun protection, as they come designed with a wide-brim that does well to keep from catching sunstroke or sunburns. If you are brave enough to give it a try, then you can style them with some denim jeans, a white shirt, and some simple flats for a chic yet charming look. You can also add some red lipstick to spice things up a bit.


  1. Baseball


If you consider yourself as someone who enjoys sports just as much as the men, then rocking a baseball cap is an ideal choice. They are unisex and can be worn in a way that ensures they won’t fall off your head easily. Moreover, they also protect you from the sun, without being too much of an inconvenience in the process. Plus, they can easily be customized with your branding if you prefer something unique. Or if want something to promote your own brand or business. In this respect, you can always make a bulk order for these custom caps online or get some wholesale snapback hats as an alternative option as well. However, when it comes to styling baseball caps for yourself, then you can simply wear anything casual without any effort. You can also never go wrong with some denim jeans, a nice t-shirt, and sneakers combo either!


  1. Fedora


The fedoras used to only be worn by men in the beginning. However, women began incorporating these hats into their wardrobes as time passed. However, compared to the fedoras morn by men, the ones for women are designed to look more feminine. In fact, most of them tend to be embellished with decorations such as feathers, ribbons, pearls, or even flowers. This is why they are one of the few fashion accessories that almost automatically offer a rather feminine and empowering look when styled correctly. In this case, you can then wear something chic with these hats such as floral dresses or blouses. You can also add on a leather jacket on top and put some heeled boots to spice things up a bit and leave a lasting impression. 


However, if this hat is a bit too “much" for your liking, then you can always opt for a street style alternative. In which case, you can easily order some custom bucket hats instead. When it comes to these hats, there are a multitude of color ways, patterns and designs available. As such, there is bound to be something that perfectly matches any outfit you own.


  1. Cloche Hat


The cloche hat originated during the early 1900s in France and is somewhat similar to the fedora, but with a few small differences. For one they come with a smaller brim and more rounder crown in comparison to the fedora. However, they do come in much wider range of colors and while the fedora offers a rather chic look, the cloche offers a confident and smart look to any wearer. They are also best worn with turtle-neck dresses, button shirts, leggings and any other semi formal outerwear that you own, like a winter coat. However, you should only wear high heels or stilettos when wearing these hats. This means no flats or sneakers allowed.


  1. Sun Hats


If you are looking for the ultimate form of protection in the summer, then you don’t have to look any further than the sun hat. These accessories used to be worn mainly by lifeguards at the beach. However, they slowly transitioned into fashion staples. They are often made using natural fabrics like straw and this is why they are usually lightweight. This makes them the perfect carry on when on vacation, especially if you are heading to hot and humid climates. Furthermore, they are best worn with bikinis, floral dresses, and some basic flip flop or flat shoes.