Beauty and brains - How to be a fashionista at work!

You know what they say, dress for the career you want, and it will manifest itself. Our dressing and sense of style reveal a great deal about our personalities, aptitude, and leadership skills. The psychology of colors and charm of fine tailoring can open many doors, while shabby dressing can close opened doors.

Employers take note of dressing and grooming because an employee’s attire reflects on their brand. While a strong fashion sense isn’t always a job requirement, power dressing can help you channel your inner lady boss. Fashion is empowering, and it inspires confidence and increases self-esteem. 

How can you be a fashionista at work without breaking the formal etiquette of your workplace? Keep reading to find out. 

Early Morning Rituals 

We all have an early morning ritual consisting of a hot shower, skin pampering, makeup routine, and outfit preparation. Glamour goddesses typically prepare their outfits the night before. However, lazy fashionistas have hacks to create effortlessly chic styles within seconds. To each our own, because morning rituals are sacred and personal, the goal is to have one.

Carve out a 20-30 minute morning routine to make yourself presentable. Pick out a nice outfit that compliments your style and figure, and pair it with flattering accessories. Put on some makeup with whichever technique you like to highlight your best features and groom your hair. 


Power Haircut

Remember Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada? Meryl Streep struck all the right chords of lady boss glamour with that razor-sharp bob and icy silver hair color. 

Hair speaks volumes when it comes to power dressing and elevating your confidence. A wise woman once said you’re never fully dressed without a neatly coiffured and elegant hairdo. Interestingly, 77% of the women wear their hair natural, while others like to add volume and length with extensions. 

The key is to find styles that flatter your face and elevate your confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair colors and power cuts. 

Sharp Tailoring 

A sharply structured and exquisitely tailored clothing item, be it a suit, a blazer, or a skirt, is a divine gift of confidence. Sharply tailored and well-structured suits, outwear staples, and workwear attire creates a charming outlook. You can refine your power dressing with an elaborate power suit to attend career-making meetings with a confidant outlook. 

We don’t mean the loose and lanky suits worn by Hilary Clinton that barely do justice to her physique by a power suit. We are referring to form-fitting and sharply structured power suits tailored specifically for your measurements. Power dressing is all about fine tailoring and form-fitting structuring, accentuating your figure with a sophisticated and elegant appeal. A versatile workwear attire requires versatile blazers, at least two power suits, tailored skirts and pants, and a trench coat. These versatile items allow you to create dozens of charming outfits that inspire confidence and capture attention.

Why wear a suit to work? It allows you to stand out in the crowd of employees and capture attention. Executive leaders are more likely to interact with well-dressed interns and employees. 

Elegant Accessories 

Accessories speak louder than words, and they serve as a perfect seal of charm and elegance. Workwear attire demands delicate accessories and jewelry pieces that add beauty without overpowering the look. Ladies are advised to invest in delicate studs, elegant bracelets, luxury watches, and designer belts. A chunky leather belt with a bold designer logo makes a glamorous statement with pencil skirts and power suits. 

Sharply Structured Totes 

We could have discussed handbags and totes while talking about accessories, but this must-have commodity deserves more attention. A lady boss is never seen without a sharply structured and boxy tote that carries all her gadgets in style. 

A designer handbag adds power and luxury to workwear attire, which symbolizes success and financial stability. Professionals covet designer labels to move in circles and network with the power elite of their industry. You don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on acquiring a designer handbag. Thanks to the burgeoning rise of online thrifting and sustainable fashion, you can source quality handbags at half the price. 

It takes savvy buying skills, a wealth of research, and digital tools to create an eye-catching collection of lady boss handbags. 


Effortlessly Chic Outfits 

We all want to dress up like a lady boss and wear elaborate outfits that exude sophistication. But we all also keep snoozing the alarm until we’re left with 10 minutes to dress up. On most mornings, coffee and danish take precedence over an elaborate workwear outfit. 

The idea is to invest in effortlessly chic outfits that don’t require layering and pairing. A jumpsuit is a perfect staple that offers versatility and sharp tailoring to play up your lady boss vibes. A sharply tailored blazer in deep blue will add elegance to your black sheath dress. Wide-leg pants will tuck in your little muffin top and give you a sleeker appeal.

It’s all about investing in the right pieces to enjoy the versatility and flaunt effortlessly chic outfits each day. 


Are you ready to channel your inner lady boss with a form-flattering power suit and a structured designer tote? Don’t forget to seal your look with swanky aviators and dark red lipstick. Fashion and style empower us and express ourselves with glamour and elegance.